PriceFx vs. 7Learnings: Comparison of 2 High-end Pricing Tools

August 3, 2023

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PriceFx and 7Learnings are two high-end platforms that help companies get their prices right. Both are rather expensive, and it makes sense to run a “due diligence” before investing in any of them. In this post we'll compare these solutions across six critical criteria to help you make an informed decision that best suits your organization's needs.

In order to find the most suitable pricing software solution for your business, we should consider the following important factors:

1. Self-Sufficiency

2. Pricing Tiers for Price monitoring and repricing services

3. Time to Realize Value

4. Accessibility and Intuitive Features

5. Comprehensive Coverage of Present and Future Needs

6. Level of Customization


1. Self-Sufficiency:

PriceFx: The platform empowers pricing teams with data-driven insights and tools, allowing them to independently manage and optimize pricing strategies. PriceFx used to be the top player in the pricing data analytics market while some of their customer were complaining on the data quality. However, recently they improved the data supply, as well as their analytical excellence.

7Learnings: 7Learnings offers a very high level of pricing data and analytics. It is e very recognizable brand across industry and eCommerce and Pricing managers always refer to this product with great respect.

2. Pricing Tiers

PriceFx: PriceFx requires long-term commitment and 1 to 3years-long contracts.

7Learnings: N/D.

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3. Time to Realize Value

PriceFx: PriceFx offer full-scale integration between customer’s ERP and PriceFx solution, which always take time. Tome to realize value depends on the timeline of the integration project.

7Learnings: 7Learnings also offers integrations to leverage full potential of the automated data collecting and processing. Therefore, the time-to-value depends on the timeline for the integration project.

4. Accessibility and Intuitive AI Features

PriceFx: As a pricing optimization platform, PriceFx leverages advanced AI algorithms to analyse data and generate pricing insights. The AI-driven recommendations are presented in a user-friendly manner, aiding pricing professionals in their decision-making.

7Learnings: The product is also primarily AI-driven platform and offers a wide range of features that can be easily adopted by the users.

5. Comprehensive Coverage of Present and Future Needs

PriceFx: PriceFx is aimed at the needs of medium-sized and enterprise-level businesses that want to grow faster to acquire a bigger market share.

7Learnings: The platform is aimed at the same audience and is easily scalable.

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6. Alignment with Industry Requirements

PriceFx: PriceFx is most suitable for industries with complex pricing models, such as manufacturing, retail, and services. Companies operating in highly competitive markets can benefit significantly from PriceFx's dynamic pricing strategies.

7Learnings: 7Learnings also is a great fit for companies in the same verticals and can accommodate a business of any size.


Affordable alternative

If you’re looking for a pricing software that is aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, specializes on Retail, eCommerce, Wholesale and Distribution and has success record automating pricing processes in these verticals offers flexible usage-based monthly plans vs annual contracts, highly customisable, adjustable to your unique business requirements and would scale with your needs doesn’t require necessarily an ERP integration - we suggest you to consider Aimondo Price Monitoring.

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Alex Rose, Tech Lead at Aimondo

Alex Rose, Tech Lead at Aimondo


Tech Lead with a background in academia, Phd in Computer Science

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