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4 out of 5 businesses get a 38% boost in revenue after using Aimondo Pricing Intelligence Platform for 6 months. Your turn to earn more from every item you sell.

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Over 160 customers have already achieved better business results using Aimondo competitive pricing intelligence software

Pricing intelligence & competitor monitoring: Powerful insights, maximum profits

Our clients get incredible results due to the combination of deep science, high-performance advisory and unique digital capabilities of Aimondo

Revenue increase

Our customers experience amazing up to 38% increase in revenue after using Aimondo AI-powered Pricing Intelligence platform for just 6 months.


Accelerated  expansion

Our customers report up to 15% faster market share expansion while using AI-optimised pricing strategies recommended by Aimondo pricing intelligence software.

Less overstocking

Our clients report significant improvement in understanding of market dynamics and competitive positioning, as well as more efficient inventory management and overstocking reduced by 26%.

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All-in-one Pricing Intelligence Platform

Any platform. Any website

Unlike other pricing solutions, Aimondo offers unparalleled coverage across EU marketplaces, websites, and resources. While competitors require additional accounts for Amazon or eBay, Aimondo effortlessly tracks any data source, including Google Shopping, without limits or extra account creation. We provide you 360-degree view 24/7.

Every product. Better accuracy

We take immense pride in our data accuracy. While other price optimisation solutions rely on a single parameter for matching products while doing competitor analysis, Aimondo goes above and beyond. Our deep semantic analysis matches at least four data points, ensuring precise tracking.

Warp speed. Unlimited scale

Experience unlimited scalability and warp speed with our repricing engine that has received numerous awards as the fastest in Europe. Effortlessly track any number of your competitors and and reprice any number of your items, maximising revenue in real-time and discovering hidden opportunities across .

High-Performing Pricing Intelligence & Competitor Monitoring To Fuel Your Growth Across Global Markets

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Leverage our most accurate pricing engine to supercharge your market share expansion and boost revenue numbers

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Get access to all market data that will help you understand pricing trends and dynamics. Check market average price, highest and lowest price for every item you're selling. Find out where your company stands in terms of pricing (your current market position). See what increase/decrease is needed for your to gain higher market position and outpace the closest competitor.


Gain instant access to actionable insights on pricing discrepancies at the product, category, marketplace, or regional levels. Quickly identify less competitive pricing niches with indicators of rising demand.


Utilise Aimondo's pricing intelligence to prioritise brands most likely to drive 80% of your revenue and elevate you to the top of customers' consideration lists. Ensure more significant success and heightened visibility in the marke

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Why choose Aimondo

If you're looking for a reliable pricing intelligence platform to support your growth strategy, market expansion, make data-driven decision and move your digital transformation to the next level — Aimondo is the best possible choice.

Other solutions

Complex and lengthy setup, in-house tech team is needed

Demands skilled professionals

Can track similar products on limited number of websites. You might miss opportunities when your competitors are out-of-stock

Grounded in rule-based frameworks


Easy-to-implement solution, out tech team will do all the work

Can be used by anyone without tech skills

Tracks similar products on any website, marketplace and Google Shopping. Leverage hidden opportunities your competitors miss

Based on AI-powered dynamic models

Looking beyond features?

Seeking an all-encompassing solution? Explore what we offer with Ai-Data & Intelligence Solution

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Thrive in today's dynamic environment with our pricing intelligence solution

Gain competitive edge

Maximise tour competitive advantages with our powerful pricing intelligence solution. Analyse market trends, see product gaps, monitor competitor prices, and dynamically adjust your pricing strategies to gain a strategic advantage and drive business growth.

Get a better conversion

Experience the impact of accurate data delivered just-in-time straight away. Capture hidden opportunities when your competitors go out of stock, clearly track your market position with the price (number 1,2,3 or over), and attract more customers with strategic pricing.

Improve profitability, boost revenue

Elevate your business to a new level getting access to data nobody has. Gain insights into competitor pricing, enhance your market position, and maximise profitability by setting optimal prices that resonate with customers and drive increased sales.

Let us fuel your long-term profit growth. Let’s start today

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Frequently asked questions

what is pricing intelligence?

Pricing intelligence refers to the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting pricing data from various sources to gain valuable insights into market dynamics, competitor pricing strategies, and customer behaviour. It involves monitoring and assessing price fluctuations, trends, and competitive positioning to make informed pricing decisions.

how does competitive pricing intelligence software work?

Competitive pricing intelligence software works by collecting data on product prices, competitors' prices, and market trends from various sources, such as websites, APIs, or web scraping. Advanced algorithms and analytics then process this data to identify patterns, trends, and pricing opportunities.

how does pricing intelligence & competitor monitoring help businesses?

Businesses use these insights to adjust their pricing strategies, optimize margins, and make informed decisions that align with market dynamics, ultimately improving their competitiveness and profitability in the ever-changing business landscape.

I'm already using a pricing intelligence solution. How can I switch to Aimondo?

If you're currently using another pricing intelligence solution, we'll ensure a seamless transition to ours. We promise a swift onboarding process, completing in just 14 days. Best of all, our service will be completely FREE during this transition period.