The most accurate market intelligence on single items as well as volume-based pricing

Attain ultimate control over your network. See who sells your products, where and at what price. #1 Pricing Solution for companies in Wholesale & Distribution.

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Aimondo analytics for wholesale screeen

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Get a 360-degree market view

Access your competitors volume or scaled price

Gain a comprehensive view of your competitors' volume or scaled prices on all the platforms. Immediately compare your products' prices against 1, 10, 100, 1000 or any other number of items in their price lists. Include or exclude VAT. Reprice dynamically.

Use elaborate analytics

Use Ai-powered models to come up with B2B quotes

Use our Pricing solutions to implement more efficient B2B pricing. Apply unlimited conditions (seller's marketing commitments, market share goals, historical sales data, etc.) as well as accurate demand predictions to come up with the optimal quotes at scale.

Come up with more relevant quotes and manage teams

Let your sales teams come up with the most optimal quotes

Leverage our unique B2B pricing feature, and allow your sales teams craft quotes based on hundreds of conditional limitations and growth goals.

Notify relevant team members when their input is needed

Add organisational structure and assign access levels for your team members. Lead the digital transformation within your company.


Revenue Boost

Unlock the potential of your retail business with our proven pricing solution. Experience remarkable results as our customers achieve an impressive up to 38% revenue boost within a mere 6 months of implementation. Elevate your profitability and stay ahead in the competitive market with our trusted pricing solution.


Improve profitability

Elevate your business to the new level. Witness remarkable improvements as our customers achieve an impressive 12% increase in operational profitability. Enjoy the power of digital transformation and drive sustainable growth and profitability in your retail business using our Ai-powered pricing & Predictive Analytics solutions.


Cut inventory costs

Unlock the potential of data-driven decision-making. Experience significant cost savings as our customers achieve an impressive up to 52% reduction in inventory holding costs. Optimise inventory management, minimise waste, manage sales velocity, and enhance profitability with Aimondo trusted predictive analytics solution.

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Seamlessly integrate with  tech stack you use

Sync your major business management tool with your price optimisation activities. Aimondo integrates easily with any ERP system.


Pricing professionals, CFOs and Directors of Ecommerce praise Aimondo for helping them achieve incredible business results in less than 6 months.


We got incredible support with monitoring our brand presence across multiple sales channels and locations.


Aimondo helped us connect our inventory management goals with the pricing workflows. As a result, we experienced immediate increase in operational efficiency of online sales


Thanks to Aimondo, we've gained a competitive edge and boosted our profitability within several months of using their services

Let us fuel your long-term profit growth. Let’s start today

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