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Configure-Price-Quote your sellers with 100% flexibility. Use unlimited conditions. Scale to thousands of users. Connect to any ERP.

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Over 160 market leaders experienced the benefits of Aimondo pricing solutions

Our clients get incredible results due to the combination of deep science, high-performance advisory and unique digital capabilities of Aimondo

Our B2B Pricing solution streamlines operations, strengthens seller relationships, and enables customers to surpass revenue goals with ease and confidence.


Operational Efficiency

Aimondo B2B Pricing Solutions allows you to use multiple data streams (conditions from the agreements, historical sales numbers, company's goals, and many more) to come up with relevant and better performing quotes in seconds. Our success record: 21% operational efficiency.


Healthier Relationships

We help our customers enrich their data streams with the market context, alert them about MAP policy violations, and eventually build healthier and more transparent relationships with distributors and sellers. Our clients enjoy up to 45% increase in overall level of trust in brand-seller relationship.


Shorter Sales Cycles

Our B2B pricing solution revolutionises the sales cycle by empowering brands to streamline their pricing strategies. With actionable insights and optimised pricing, businesses can shorten the sales cycle by as much as 28% and enhance buyer engagement, leading to accelerated growth.

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Focus on your KPIs, not the technical aspects

100% ERP Agnostic

Aimondo is the only B2B pricing solution that can be accessed via multiple CRMs, as we're fully CRM and ERP-agnostic. We build custom integrations that would work for anyone.

100% Flexible

Even most popular B2B Pricing Solutions allow you to use only limited data sources and formats: mostly, data you can streamline from your CRM. If you'd like to use a different data stream you have to request the help of your tech team. With Aimondo B2B Pricing you can add unlimited number of data streams without burdening your tech specialists.

100% of Needs

Aimondo is the only B2B pricing solution capable of accommodating all your specific requirements and reflecting the diverse aspects of your business within your B2B pricing policies. Whether it's your marketing- or sales-related conditions, geographical locations, or overall business goals, Aimondo seamlessly incorporates them all.

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Already using another B2B Pricing solution? We offer white-glove migration

Our team of data experts will be thrilled to assist you in seamlessly migrating your data to our platform. With our guidance and support, you can experience a smooth transition, ensuring your valuable data is efficiently integrated into our platform for optimal pricing performance and business success.

Aimondo's tech team is always ready to go the extra mile by building custom integrations or add-ons to meet your specific needs. If our existing functionality falls short, we'll tailor our solution to seamlessly integrate with your systems, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique requirements and maximising value for your business.

Our dedicated customer success managers will be thrilled to guide you through a seamless step-by-step onboarding process. From initial setup to training and ongoing support, we'll be there every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition and empowering your success with our B2B pricing solution.

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Alkis Sarris

Eureka Childcare Products

Solution's flexibility in handling various data formats, accommodating over 5000 sales managers, and the efficient  implementation that Aimondo team managed to complete in 9 sprints have transformed our B2B pricing strategy and boosted our sales performance significantly.