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Craft client quotes with strategic insight, utilising our B2B pricing Solution to reflect your business goals and rapidly reveal customer lifetime value.

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Over 160 market leaders experienced the benefits of Aimondo pricing solutions

Quote better, win big. CPQ crafted for closers

Our B2B Pricing solution streamlines operations, strengthens seller relationships, and enables customers to surpass revenue goals with ease and confidence.


Operational Efficiency

Aimondo B2B Pricing Solutions allow you to use multiple data streams (conditions from the agreements, historical sales numbers, company's goals, and many more) to come up with relevant and better performing quotes in seconds. Our success record: 21% operational efficiency.


Healthier Relationships

We help our customers enrich their data streams with the market context, offer tiered discounting (customer, product or regional hierarchies) and eventually build healthier and more transparent relationships with  their partners. Our clients enjoy up to 45% increase in overall level of trust.


Shorter Sales Cycles

Our B2B pricing solution revolutionises the sales cycle by empowering B2B teams to streamline their pricing strategies. With actionable insights and optimised pricing, businesses can shorten the sales cycle by as much as 85% and enhance buyer engagement, leading to accelerated growth.

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Focus on your KPIs, not the technical aspects

100% ERP Agnostic

Aimondo is the only B2B pricing solution that can be accessed via multiple CRMs, as we're fully CRM and ERP-agnostic. We build custom integrations that would work for anyone.

100% Flexible

Aimondo's B2B Pricing Solution (CPQ) allows you to integrate unlimited data sources into your dataset. Whether it's historical data, customer-specific agreements, weather forecasts, or inflation trends, you can add countless conditions to conduct an optimal quote analysis and generate more relevant price lists.

100% KPI-Focused

Aimondo B2B Pricing Solution ensure your Sales pricing workflow fully aligns with your business objectives and KPIs. It helps management centralise pricing operations and maintain complete control over each phase of the process.

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Alkis Sarris

Eureka Childcare Products

Solution's flexibility in handling various data formats, accommodating over 5000 sales managers, and the efficient  implementation that Aimondo team managed to complete in 9 sprints have transformed our B2B pricing strategy and boosted our sales performance significantly.

Unlock the future of efficient pricing with Aimondo CPQ Solution

Price Management

  • Price list management (product groups, locations, scenarios, customer tiers etc.)
  • Create custom pricing templates
  • One-click pricing elements optimisation
  • Recommended price corridors


  • Quotes Approval Workflows (for special pricing or custom configurations).
  • Quoting templates usage enablement


  • Advanced customer segmentation
  • Predictive analytics (customer behaviour forecasts, optimal product mix or optimal price suggestions)
  • Data and insights visualisation (custom dashboards on sales trends, popular configurations, margin analysis and more)

Discounts & Promos

  • Tiered and or volume discounting structures
  • Rule-based promotions automations


  • Role and access management
  • Up to 100 team seats
  • Customisable quotes approval process
  • Up to 40 user stories

Customer Service

  • Custom onboarding and walk-through for the whole team
  • Monthly product feedback session
  • Dedicated Customer Success manager
  • Quarterly or annual payment plans


  • Cloud-based deployment (enables real-time updates, scalability, and access from anywhere)
  • Multi-channel Support: allows for CPQ functionalities across various sales channels, be it direct sales, partners, or online platforms
  • Localisation and Globalisation: supports multiple currencies, languages, and regional pricing variations.
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Already using another CPQ solution? We merge with your existing tech. No migration needed

No migration, no fuss.
Aimondo CPQ (B2B pricing) Solution  seamlessly integrates atop any existing tech infrastructure. Harness the power of the cloud combined with an advanced layer of AI-driven analytics. It's the enhancement your technology has been waiting for.

Enhancing, not replacing. Aimondo CPQ Software has been developed to address the needs of customers who already use some sort of B2B pricing framework. We effortlessly merge with your existing tech architecture, offering you access to a new era of AI-enhanced analytics minus risk of full-scale migration.

Facing a maze of complex, multilayered spreadsheets?
Let us simplify the transition. Within mere weeks, we'll migrate you to our cloud-based flexible and scalable system, leaving you with a streamlined, ready-to-use product tailored for efficiency and precision

Why choose Aimondo

CPQ Software by Aimondo offers advanced enterprise-level capabilities at a fraction of the price

Other solutions

Annual commitments

High seats-based monthly fees

Scalability is a challenge (if you want to add more features it demands more expensive integrations)

Lengthy integrations that might take up to 16-20 weeks (plus 2 more weeks for unit tests)

If you already use a CPQ solution manual migration is a must


Quarterly payment plans are available

Affordable monthly fee

Scalability is seamless. Our system can be scaled from 10 to 1000 users in a couple of clicks

Agile sprint-based work in project teams allows us to complete projects in 4-10 weeks

You don't have to cancel contract with your existing provider. We just add functionality that you're missing on top.

Let us fuel your long-term profit growth. Let’s start today

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