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Multiple market leaders have experienced the benefits of Aimondo Pricing Solutions. It's your turn to lead digital transformation today.

High-Performing Pricing Solutions For B2B, B2C, B2B2B and D2C Channels

Ai-Data & Intelligence solution

Imagine this:

You have a crystal-clear understanding of the market and where you stand against competitors. You grasp precisely why customers gravitate towards them, and are aware of their product reviews.

When they run out of stock, you're instantly notified, allowing you to capitalise on these moments.

Discernible product and category gaps in your assortment are immediately evident, sparing you the challenge of pinpointing what to add to your catalog.

Best of all, there's no need to employ a battalion of category managers to trawl the internet. Access all this data instantly. With Aimondo. This isn't just a fantasy—it's reality. This is Ai-Data & Intelligence

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AI-Price Management & Optimisation

Imagine this:

Your pricing is no longer a siloed workflow. Instead, it becomes your most potent tool to realise goals, whether that's reducing overstock, expanding market share, or amplifying profitability.

Your Sales Team is equipped with all the tools needed to assess the value of a lead, prospect, or returning customer. They can now quote based on your overarching business objectives rather than the fleeting urge to close a deal swiftly.

Your customers receive tailored prices and bespoke product offers, curated specifically for their preferences, at the very moment they're most inclined to commit to a purchase.

This isn't mere fantasy. It's the tangible reality brought to you by Ai-Price Management & Optimisation from Aimondo.

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AI-Pricing platform 360

Imagine this:

You've unlocked insights into how your customers will respond to your pricing alterations, and your forecasting accuracy hovers around 99%.

Your pricing mechanism is a seamless automated operation, always aligning perfectly with market triggers such as cost fluctuations, inflation rate shifts, and competitor actions.

You've deftly crafted and executed diverse pricing tiers and product bundles, targeting various customer segments based on their Lifetime Value (LTV) and predicted future purchasing patterns.

This isn't a flight of fancy. It's reality you can unlock today with Ai-Pricing Platform 360 by Aimondo.

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Secure. Scalable. Compatible with any tech

100% connectivity

Aimondo Pricing Solutions seamlessly integrated with any CRM or ERP system and process data from multiple streams and in various formats: from market intelligence to our customer's historical data on sales and consumer behaviour.

100% security

All available Aimondo Pricing Solutions are cloud-based. However, they're built with 100% data security in mind. We go far and beyond to ensure all your data is 100% protected according to the highest standard of European data security legislation.

100% scalability

Aimondo Pricing Solutions are built with maximum scalability and flexibility in mind. They can be easily scaled from analysing 100 items with limited data sets to millions of items with hundreds of conditions, and from 10 users to 10000 users within minutes.

High-Performing Pricing Solutions To Support Your Growth On European & Global Markets

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Real-time market data. Precise demand and sales forecasts. Seamless Price Management and Optimisation

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AL Compressors

With the help of this advanced predictive analytics solution, we achieved remarkable results. It enabled us to build precise demand forecasts and accurately validate our product's price elasticity threshold, leading to optimised pricing strategies and substantial revenue growth.

Why choose Aimondo

Pricing Solutions by Aimondo offer 100% flexibility and advanced enterprise-level capabilities that adapt to your changing needs

Other solutions

Mandatory multi-year contracts with less adaptability

Additional fees for any customisation

Standard package pricing, including unused features.

One-size-fits-all packages, leading to potential overpayment

Lengthy integrations that might take up to 16-20 weeks (plus 2 more weeks for unit tests).


We work with your changing needs and adapt to your financial limitations

Free customisation to match your specific needs

Only pay for the features you use; no unnecessary costs

No pre-packaged solutions; everything is tailored to your requirements

Agile sprint-based work in project teams allow us to complete projects in 4-10 weeks.

Frequently asked questions

what is Ai pricing solution?

An AI pricing solution harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to analyze vast datasets, providing dynamic pricing recommendations based on market trends, customer behavior, and competitor actions. It automates complex pricing decisions, optimises profitability, and ensures businesses stay competitive, all while factoring in real-time changes in the market environment. It's a modern approach to an age-old business challenge.

What businesses can benefit from ai pricing solutions?

AI pricing solutions benefit a wide range of businesses, from e-commerce to retail, manufacturing to services. AI pricing is compatible with B2C, B2B, B2B2B and D2C channels. By analysing vast datasets, these tools offer more efficient pricing strategies tailored to market trends, customer behaviour, and competition. Such precision ensures profitability, competitiveness, and customer satisfaction.

How long does it take to start leveraging the full power of ai pricing solutions?

Implementing advanced pricing solutions can vary in duration based on complexity and data readiness. Typically, after an initial setup and data integration phase, users can begin to see actionable insights within weeks. Over time, as the system refines its algorithms, the accuracy and depth of predictions steadily improve.

I have more questions.

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