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AI-powered platform that brings together the most accurate market intelligence, Pricing Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Pricing Management. Fine-tune all the elements to achieve your business goals faster.

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Assert Leadership: Pinpoint, Streamline, and Consolidate Your Pricing Strategy

Ai-Pricing Platform 360 is a fully customizable solution designed for visionary companies that proactively respond to change and spearhead digital transformation. This platform provides a comprehensive 360-degree market perspective, enabling effortless price-setting across B2B, B2C, D2C, and B2B2B ventures.

While it already boasts an advanced suite of price management tools, these can be further tailored to precisely align with your unique business needs and objectives. Gain access to sophisticated AI-driven analytical models, price optimisation, elasticity calculations, scenario-based pricing, and other functionalities typically reserved for industry giants.

With Aimondo, you can harness this cutting-edge technology at a fraction of that cost. This empowers you with enterprise-level pricing control, positioning you to successfully challenge established market leaders you previously couldn't rival.

Internal Data

Aimondo seamlessly preprocesses and analyses vast amounts of internal corporate data, including historical prices, sales data, and records of correlated marketing efforts. For instance, it distinguishes sales generated during active Google Ads campaigns from periods without any specific promotional activities. This ensures that your price optimisation strategy accounts for all the intricate details.

Market Data

Unlike other solutions, Aimondo provides high-quality, real-time market data from all European and British marketplaces, websites, and resources, including Amazon, onBuy, B&Q, ASOS, Idealo, eBay, and many more. We seamlessly track any data source, such as Google Shopping, without any limitations or additional credit usage, ensuring your price optimisation is both precise and relevant.

Third-party Data

Aimondo integrates third-party data, such as inflation rates or weather patterns, through seamless API connections (pre-built integrations). By syncing with real-world conditions, it elevates the relevance of your pricing strategy.
This comprehensive and valuable data integration ensures that sales predictions are exceptionally accurate, keeping you perfectly aligned with ever-changing market dynamics.

Why choose Aimondo

Ai-Pricing Platform 360 by Aimondo offers 100% flexibility and advanced enterprise-level capabilities at a fraction of the price

Other solutions

Mandatory multi-year contracts with less flexibility

Additional fees for customisation

Standard package pricing, including unused features

Package deals that lead to a possible overpayment

Lengthy integrations that might take up to 16-20 weeks (plus 2 more weeks for unit tests).


We work with your changing needs and adapt to your financial limits

Free customisation to your specific needs

You only pay for the features you use; no unnecessary costs

No pre-built solutions; everything is tailored to your requirements

Agile sprint-based working in project teams allows us to complete projects in 4-10 weeks.

Maximum flexibility. Advanced capabilities. No overpays


  • Market price intelligence from Aimondo (Ai-Pricing & Data)
  • Data pre-processing (cleaning, standartizing)
  • Custom integration with any ERP/CRM solution or full access to cloud


  • Role and access management
  • >20 team seats
  • 10-100 user stories
  • 100% custom price changes approval process

Customer Service

  • Custom onboarding and walk-through for the whole team
  • Monthly product feedback session
  • Dedicated Customer Success manager
  • Quarterly or annual payment plans

General Price Management

  • Automated dynamic pricing based on pre-set triggers with custom layers for approval
  • Automated price optimisation based on defined business goals
  • Transaction and rule-based customer segmentation and product categorisation for more accurate pricing

CPQ (B2B Pricing)

  • Recommended price corridors as guidance for your deals
  • Tiered discounting (customer, product or regional hierarchies
  • Volume discount, advance payment discount, etc. calculations
  • Customer-specific pricing agreements setup
  • Custom prise list management (based on product groups, locations, scenarios, customer tiers etc.)


  • Ai-driven Data analysis (clustering, multiple linear regressions, etc.)
  • Predictive analytics (customer behaviour forecasts, optimal product mix or optimal price suggestions)
  • Market simulation enabling price optimisation in a context of your overall product portfolio and your competition
  • Price promotions and campaigns analysis and optimisation
  • Data and insights visualisation (custom dashboards)
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