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Amazon isn’t the giant we’re fighting: Data overload & hyper-competition is

We help retailers, manufacturers and market researchers defy the challenges of today’s data explosion and hyper-competition with AI that automatically mines industry information to accurately predict human behaviour with strategic pricing, competitive analysis and market insights.

40% more optimization because our codes doesn’t need these codes

Most competitive analysis tools only provide data for items with GTINs or EANs – which leaves out up to 40% of products. Our proprietary AI searches just like humans, using other publically available data assets to deliver the exact right price positioning on millions of items worldwide.

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Baked into our AI is actual human intelligence

Intelligence is a competitive business, and we’re your partner in getting the edge in your industry. Even Google testers see our technology as human; and for our clients who need support, there’s always someone available and happy to help. If you have a custom implementation in mind, tell us – we’re here for you to deliver the most complete market insight and data possible so you can best serve your customers.

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Powerful, decision-driving data at your fingertips

Our comprehensive analytics dashboard makes it easy for users of all abilities to visualize data in context and leverage the power of our proprietary re-pricing strategy engine. Your fully automated, customized data takes into account all key parameters you define on millions of products to maximize margins, acquire customers and increase revenue where you need it most. Reliable, affordable, and infinitely scalable.

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