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Get a 360-degree market view

Get 24/7 access to your competitors' prices

Stay informed about everyone's product offerings and pricing. Unlike other pricing data providers who only track selected websites, Aimondo offers a comprehensive competitive analysis across the entire market. We identify any seller with product overlap with yours, whether they sell through their own website, Amazon, eBay, or any other platform.

save time and resources

Say goodbye to your numerous spreadsheets. Calculate your best price in less than a second

Say goodbye to bulky calculations and complex integrations between different systems and data sources. Simply upload your historical sales data, decide whether to incorporate real-time market data, and select your primary pricing strategy goal — be it revenue, profitability, sell-off, CTR enhancement, etc. You'll receive perfect prices for your entire catalogue in seconds, regardless of the number of items you sell, whether it's 500 or 5 million.

go profit-first

Earn more from every item you sell with advanced pricing strategies

Experience the power of optimised pricing strategies and witness an impressive up to 12% increase in profitability through dynamic pricing. Enable automated prices updates based on various pre-set dynamic triggers (e.g. cost changes, competitive moves, inflation rate dynamics) or static dimensions vital for your business (e.g. purchasing power parity index for a specific region, seasonal pricing index, charm pricing policies, price rounding rules etc.).

Get a 360° market view and outperform rivals

Track all known market players as well as the "wild cards"

Unlike other pricing data providers who only track selected websites, Aimondo offers a comprehensive competitive analysis across the entire market. We identify any seller with product overlap with yours, whether they sell through their own website, Amazon, eBay, or any other platform.

Receive 100% accurate updates and competitive analysis

Get reports at any frequency you choose (weekly, daily, hourly, etc.) detailing your market position relative to competitors, the number of available sellers, their product availability, delivery terms and conditions, customer reviews, and the dynamics of your product assortment overlap with other sellers.


Increase revenue

Unlock the potential of your eCommerce and retail business with our proven Pricing solution. Experience remarkable results as our customers achieve an impressive up to 38% revenue boost within a mere 6 months of implementation. Elevate your profitability and stay ahead in the competitive market with our trusted pricing solution.


Improve profitability

Take your eCommerce business to new heights with remarkable results. Experience a significant 12% boost in operational profitability, driving sustainable growth and profitability. Harness the power of AI-driven Price Monitoring and repricing to propel your eCommerce business towards digital transformation and success..


Cut inventory costs

Unlock the potential of data-driven decision-making. Experience significant cost savings as our customers achieve an impressive up to 52% reduction in inventory holding costs. Optimise inventory management, minimise waste, manage sales velocity, and enhance profitability with Aimondo trusted predictive analytics solution.

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Seamlessly integrate with  tech stack you use

Sync your major business management tool with your price optimisation activities. Aimondo integrates easily with any ERP system.


Pricing professionals, CFOs and Directors of Ecommerce praise Aimondo for helping them achieve incredible business results in less than 6 months.


We got incredible support with monitoring our brand presence across multiple sales channels and locations.


Aimondo helped us connect our inventory management goals with the pricing workflows. As a result, we experienced immediate increase in operational efficiency of online sales

Toyo Tyres

Efficient and beneficial partnership. Accurate and clean market data, fast processing, useful reports we use to make data-driven decisions


We were looking for accurate market intelligence data provider that would know our industry vertical for years. Excited we managed to find one


Aimondo helped us efficiently monitor our brand's online presence and keep the reputation associated with the certain pricing category intact


Price Monitoring and Repricing are essential for any fast-growing eCommerce company operating in a highly-competitive environment now. It is a must-have tool


Remarkable attention to detail and thoroughness in their approach. Highly impressed with Aimondo's in-depth understanding of business and aspects that are truly important


Aimondo Pricing Service always provides us fresh and accurate data on competitors' prices. We have been using the product for more than a year, and can't recommend it enough.

The Mall

Aimondo team is very helpful and accommodating. Always a pleasure to work with them and receive a white-glove treatment


Thanks to Aimondo, we've gained a competitive edge and boosted our profitability within several months of using their services

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