Alex Rose, Tech Lead at Aimondo

Alex Rose, Tech Lead at Aimondo

Tech Lead with a background in academia, Phd in Computer Science


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Alex Rose, Tech Lead at Aimondo, harnesses his 8 years of experience in implementing AI and Machine Learning in eCommerce to inform his teaching. His expertise in tech-driven pricing strategies provides a cutting-edge perspective to the course.
Alex’s blend of technical skill and strategic foresight makes him an invaluable asset for those looking to excel in strategic pricing.
Alex is one of the contributors to Aimondo Pricing Academy course.

For Aimondo blog, Alex covers topics related to:

— Advanced data analysis

— Data cleaning techniques

— Data quality

— Aimondo pricing platform product updates

— Pricing solutions overviews.

More from this author:

Aimondo Repricing Evolves: Introducing Aimondo Pricing Platform 360

Starting from August 1, 2023, what was known as Aimondo Repricing has undergone a significant evolution. Aimondo proudly introduces the Aimondo Pricing Platform 360, encompassing a comprehensive suite of functionalities far surpassing its previous capabilities.

How To Choose A Price Monitoring Service Provider In 2024: Complete guide

For the last 6 years price monitoring has become a must for everyone who works on competitive markets. From small businesses selling on Amazon to Walmart, to Nike, to valve pipes manufacturers. Here’s the most accurate guide that will help you to make the right choice.‍ profit margin drops. But is it really because of geopolitics?

On Thursday, August 31, 2023 The Works, British discounter for toys, hobby, arts and crafts announced a slide in profits blaming geopolitic and post-pandemic realities. But is it really the case? Our data suggests otherwise

The Power of data quality in eCommerce repricing

‘Garbage in, garbage out’ has always been the information processing industry’s mantra

Personalised pricing: myth or reality?

Personalisation has been the Holy Grail of Marketing for years. But we've looked at it from the wrong angle, trying to personalise user experience, messaging, onboarding. Now, customers signal that the only personalisation they want is price personalisation. But is it even feasible? And if yes, how to implement it?

Hyperautomation of online prices through Artificial Intelligence

Executives in the online economy use artificial intelligence (AI) as accelerator for digital business initiatives. In online retailing, the right price for products is the decisive criterion for sales and determines earnings.

Price Intelligence Solutions: How To Choose The Right One. Full Guide for 2024

The most full navigator in the world of pricing intelligence: why some tools are expensive, and some are not? How pricing data is collected? What features to look for?

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Ever wondered how LinkedIn serves you content you're genuinely interested in, while Audible sends out emails with highly relevant book recommendations? The cornerstone of these activities is customer segmentation. Here's how you can implement something similar in your eCommerce business.

PriceFx vs. 7Learnings: Comparison of 2 High-end Pricing Tools

PriceFx and 7Learnings are two high-end platforms that help companies get their prices right. Both are rather expensive, and it makes sense to run a “due diligence” before investing in any of them. In this post we'll compare these solutions across six critical criteria to help you make an informed decision that best suits your organization's needs.

Sigma Sports: the unpleasant truth revealed by data

On September 19, 2023, Sigma Sports published its annual report, marking a first-time £4.1m loss in what they described as a 'challenging year' for the industry. Aimondo Team analyses what actual challenges are to blame

Price Elasticity Of Demand: why do you need to estimate it before starting a promo?

Imagine this: you made a commitment to hit a certain level of revenue. You're a bit behind but you're not worried: surely, you'll be able to intensify sales velocity by launching a discount campaign. Not so fast: it might not work as expected!

Price Level Index (PLI) 101: definition, formula, how to use in your pricing strategy

You buy a cup of coffee every morning on your commute to the office, and the ridiculously high price (say, £5) doesn’t bother you. Then you travel to Istanbul and notice, with a newly acquired awareness, that the same cup of coffee can be 3 times less expensive. This is the PLI at work. Why is it so effective, and how can it be used if you sell in various markets and in different locations, even within one country?

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