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4 out of 5 businesses see a revenue boost of +38% after using our Ai Data & Intelligence Solution for 6 months. Now it's your opportunity to maximise earnings on every sale

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How Ai-Data & Intelligence solution empowers pricing teams

Better pricing intelligence. Focused Clarity. Improved business results


Better Profit Margin

Aimondo empowers companies with insights to optimise pricing strategies, ensuring they capture maximum value from the market. This targeted approach drives higher profit margins by aligning prices with consumer willingness to pay, market demand and real-time competitive context.


Increase In Revenue

Better data means pricing decisions that fit actual market conditions more. Aimondo Data & Pricing Intelligence helps businesses refine pricing strategies making them more appealing to consumers. This informed approach boosts revenue  by aligning your offerings with market trends.


Faster Market Expansion

Accurate market data means knowing exactly where you stand, and what steps do you have to make to gain a larger market share. Aimondo Data & Intelligence helps businesses rapidly expand their market share through making pricing decisions that resonate with consumer expectations

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market position and monitoring data
Accelerate conversion

Get 24/7 access to your competitors' prices

Gain insights into prices, stock availability and customer satisfaction level other market players enjoy.

Track unlimited number of sellers through Google Shopping or specific websites. Automate data streams that inform you about their prices (including tiered prices, volume prices, scaled prices etc.), customer reviews, stock availability.

Boost profit margin

Get real-time insights on price change opportunities

Our AI analyses millions of data points of pricing analytics and lets you visualise your market position, as well as hidden opportunities.

Earn more with every item you sell by using AI-generated margin improvement opportunities . Or accelerate your market share acquisition by aiming for #1 in the most important categories.

market position and monitoring data
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product gaps identifier
balance assortment strategically

Flexibly adjust your assortment to hot market trends

Use Aimondo to visualise gaps on product, category or country level and bookmark new prospective brands that get attention through positive user reviews.

Why choose Aimondo

Ai-Data & Intelligence Solution is not just another price monitoring tool. It's a revenue-fuelling machine to support your business goals across all European markets.

Other solutions

Low quality data + affordable price. Or better data but hard limits on the usage

You see only the pieces of the puzzle (how  rivals price similar items), but not the big picture

Ideation over implementation. If your team doesn't act on the data, desired results will never be achieved

Data doesn't speak. You are not sure what to do with the insights you gain.


Top quality data, most accurate product matches, no limits on the usage

Dashboard shows you your market position dynamically and the 360-degree market view

Offers precise insights that lead to actionable steps, and intensifies strategic pricing as a business process

Clear picture of the actions that can be taken to make your pricing more strategic

Unlock your growth with Ai-Data & Intelligence — the best in class pricing data solution


  • Pricing monitoring of unlimited number of product prices across all European markets.
  • Custom monitoring and reporting time (from once a month to every 2 hours).


  • Google feed or manual upload of your own data.
  • Data pre-processing (cleaning, standartizing)
  • Data visualisation


  • Custom reports on market position, margin optimisation opportunities, competitors stock, reviews, product overlap etc.
  • Unlimited downloads of reports and recommendations


  • Role and access management dashboard
  • Unlimited team seats

Customer Service

  • Custom onboarding and walk-through for the whole team
  • Monthly product feedback session
  • Access to the Customer Success portal
  • Monthly or annual payment plans.
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