Get your distribution network under ultimate control

Stay updated in real time who sells your products, where, and at what price. Monitor your MAP & MSRP pricing across the channels. Get immediate access to your sellers pricing data.

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Aimondo MAP monitoring

Over 160 customers have already experienced the benefits of Aimondo MAP Monitoring solutions

Powerful insights, maximum profits: how Aimondo empowers brands

Our clients get incredible results due to the combination of deep science, high-performance advisory and unique digital capabilities of Aimondo

Revenue increase

Our customers experience amazing up to 38% increase in revenue after using Aimondo MAP Monitoring solutions for just 6 months.


Operational efficiency

Aimondo customers report up to 21% growth of operational profit while using our advanced solutions that help accurately detect MAP policy violation.

Competitive positioning

79% of our clients report significant improvement in understanding of market dynamics and competitive positioning, as well as brand reputation improvement.

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Learn who sells your products, where, and at what price

Any platform. Any website

Unlike other price monitoring solutions, Aimondo offers unparalleled coverage across EU marketplaces, websites, and resources. While competitors require additional accounts for Amazon or eBay, Aimondo effortlessly tracks any data source, including Google Shopping, without limits or extra account creation. We provide you 360-degree view 24/7.

Every product. Better accuracy

We take immense pride in our data accuracy. While other MAP monitoring solutions rely on a single parameter for matching products while doing competitor analysis, Aimondo goes above and beyond. Our deep semantic analysis matches at least four data points, ensuring precise tracking.

Warp speed. At any scale

Experience unlimited scalability and warp speed with Aimondo  MAP monitoring service. Effortlessly track prices and get alerts on your MAP policy violations in real time, ensuring brand integrity and maximising revenue. Build better, healthier and more transparent relationships with your network partners.

High-Performing MAP Monitoring Solution To Support Your Brand Presence On European & Global Markets

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Leverage our most accurate market intelligence to significantly improve your brand perception and profitability

You're 3 steps away from unlocking your predictable growth with Aimondo unique MAP Monitoring Solution

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Book a demo to see what Aimondo can offer you. Check out the quality of our market intelligence data and the who sells your products, where, and at what price in real time.

Free trial

Get free trial access to Aimondo service, and set up your business goals, alerts and upload your data using our Onboarding Wizard or through requesting help of a dedicated personal manager.

Keep your brand intact

Build better understanding of market dynamics and competitive positioning. Start sending consistent message with your pricing to your customers and avoid cross-brand cannibalisation effect.

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Why choose Aimondo

Elevate your digital transformation with Aimondo, the ultimate choice for reliable MAP monitoring. Stay informed about product sellers, locations, and pricing in real-time. Make data-driven decisions and unlock unparalleled control over your brand's online presence.

Other solutions

Complex and lengthy setup, in-house tech team is needed

Demands skilled professionals

Can handle limited data sets, track limited websites, no Google Shopping alerts

Can't find your product if GTIN or EAN is wrong or missing on the seller's site


Easy-to-implement cloud solution you can start using today

Can be used by anyone without tech skills

Can track any website, any marketplace, including Google Shopping

Can find your product even if a seller posted a wrong GTIN or EAN or removed it completely

Unlock built-in profitability and boost your business growth with our advanced MAP Monitoring solution

360° market view 24/7

Aimondo tracks unlimited number of products within any website (including marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, IDEALO and others) and updates prices every 4, 12 hours or more often. We inform you of any seller that deals with your products — not only known ones but "wild cards" as well.

Get actionable insights

Get valuable insights into pricing across channels and apply them to your D2C channels. Uncover hidden opportunities and maintain relationships with existing sellers while attracting consumers directly. Amplify your pricing strategy with Aimondo's comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

Build healthier relationships

Build healthier relationships with sellers using our efficient MAP monitoring service. Stay informed about product distribution, pricing, and market dynamics, fostering effective communication and collaboration for stronger partnerships, mutual growth, and long-term success.

Let us fuel your long-term profit growth. Let’s start today

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