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An easy-to-use price optimisation service tailored for Retail and eCommerce companies. Unlock your business's true potential, one optimal price at a time.

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Dozens of market leaders have achieved superior business results using Aimondo Price Optimisation Solution. It's your chance to reverse lost profitability and eliminate unnecessary markdowns

Powerful insights, maximum profits

Our clients get incredible results due to the combination of deep science, high-performance advisory and unique digital capabilities of Aimondo Price Optimisation Software

Revenue increase

Our customers experience amazing up to 38% increase in revenue after using Aimondo Price Optimisation solution for just 6 months. No more overdiscounting!


Operational efficiency

Aimondo customers report up to 21% growth of operational profit while using our advanced solution that help accurately predict the most optimal price at every single point of time.

Less stock mismatch

Our clients report significant improvement in understanding of market dynamics and competitive positioning, as well as more efficient inventory management and stock discrepancies reduced by 26%. How does this happen? We use advanced data analytics to help our customers optimise prices AND exit stock at a controlled pace.

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Don't compromise. Make pricing decisions based on the most accurate and comprehensive data

Internal Data

Aimondo seamlessly preprocesses and analyses vast amounts of internal corporate data, including historical prices, sales data, and records of correlated marketing efforts. For instance, it distinguishes sales generated during active Google Ads campaigns from periods without any specific promotional activities. This ensures that your price optimisation strategy accounts for all the intricate details.

Market Data

Unlike other solutions, Aimondo provides high-quality, real-time market data from all European and British marketplaces, websites, and resources, including Amazon, onBuy, B&Q, ASOS, Idealo, eBay, and many more. We seamlessly track any data source, such as Google Shopping, without any limitations or additional credit usage, ensuring your price optimisation is both precise and relevant.

Third-party Data

Aimondo integrates third-party data, such as inflation rates or weather patterns, through seamless API connections (pre-built integrations). By syncing with real-world conditions, it elevates the relevance of your pricing strategy.
This comprehensive and valuable data integration ensures that sales predictions are exceptionally accurate, keeping you perfectly aligned with ever-changing market dynamics.

High-Performing Price Optimisation Software To Support Your Sales Across European & Global Markets

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Real-time market data to fuel your pricing decisions. With Aimondo you always exist stock at an optimal price, an an optimal pace

Unlock your growth with Aimondo Price Optimisation software.
One optimal price at a time.


Aimondo Price Optimisation Software takes care of all your data preprocessing steps. We normalise, clean and transform your raw data into a format suitable for analysis. Our solution can use unlimited data streams from multiple data sources: your ERP-based historical sales data, historical prices data, promotions history, real-time market data, external factors (like, inflation rates).


Aimondo Price Optimisation solutions easily analyses millions of lines of data to calculate price elasticity of demand for your every product,  estimates relevant coefficients, and build sales predictions using machine-learning and AI.


Your price optimisation process can be fully automated and dynamically implemented using Aimondo software. Alternatively, you can choose to manually update prices based on the data analysis results and insights we provide. Simply download a file with recommended prices and integrate it into your  system.

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Why choose Aimondo

The answer is simple. We aren't just another BI solution. We're a machine-learning-based revenue-fuelling machine.

Other solutions

No data preprocessing. Your team has to spend long hours cleaning and normalisong data.

Fully cloud-based solutions that are susceptible to downtimes from server providers

Simple math models for data analysis

Were developed to fit requirements of customers from various verticals


We handle preprocessing on our side. We take any data format, any data type.

We build our own servers dedicated to specific customers guaranteeing 100% data protection and service reliability

Machine learning price optimisation

Was developed with eCommerce and Retail pain points in mind and fits these verticals 100%

Let us fuel your long-term profit growth. Let’s start today

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Frequently asked questions

How does price optimization work?

Price optimization is the strategic use of analytics to determine ideal pricing for products or services, aiming to maximise profitability or market share. By analysing various data points, including demand, competition, and historical trends, businesses can dynamically adjust prices to respond to market fluctuations. This holistic approach ensures that prices are both competitive and aligned with organisational goals, driving both revenue and customer satisfaction. More on Price Optimisation and sales

How retail can benefit from price optimisation?

Retail can greatly benefit from price optimization by harnessing data-driven insights to set ideal prices. This not only maximises profits but also enhances customer satisfaction.
By understanding consumers' willingness to pay and market demand, retailers can dynamically adjust prices, ensuring competitiveness and capturing more sales.
Furthermore, it allows for strategic promotions and discounting, preventing unnecessary markdowns and inventory pile-up, ultimately driving efficient revenue growth.

How machine learning-based price optimisation is different?

General price optimisation functions can be covered with some of BI tools. They mostly analyse historical sales data to predict sales and optimise prices accordingly. Machine learning-based price optimisation dynamically adapts to complex market patterns undetectable by traditional methods. Leveraging vast datasets, it continuously learns from past and real-time data, adjusting pricing strategies to maximise profit or market share. This AI-driven approach anticipates shifts in demand, competitor moves, and customer behavior nuances. The result? More accurate, responsive pricing decisions that inherently adapt to evolving market landscapes, giving businesses a significant competitive edge.

I have more questions.

We're here to help! If you have more questions or would like to discuss your specific needs, our sales team is ready to assist you. Book a conversation with us today and let's find the best solutions for your pricing challenges.