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How Ai-Price Management & Optimisation solution empowers pricing teams

Better analytics. Focused Clarity. Improved business results


Better Profit Margin

Aimondo Price Management & Optimisation Solution is a powerful tool that help your team to align pricing with market demand and value perception. By fine-tuning price points based on insights and analysis, companies that use our solution enhance profitability, ensuring they capture maximum margins without alienating customers


Increase In Revenue

Aimondo Price Management & Optimisation Solution is an enterprise-level technology that tailors your pricing to your business-related goals. By connecting pricing process to your KPIs and annual metrics you ensure to stay focused on driving higher sales volumes and gaining a stronger market position if this is what you prioritise.


Faster Sales Cycle

Aimondo's powerful predictive analytics helps you to accurately segment your customers based on their historical behavior to offer personalised deals, and  predict their purchasing behavior. Your Sales team get a powerful tool that allows them to pinpoint purchase intent and reach out to a customer when they are most likely to buy.

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Navigate the future with precision

Accurately simulate the business impact of price changes (predictive analytics, price elasticity calculation) and build better demand forecasts.

Leverage powerful analytics models to create better quotes that will be more beneficial for your business and account for customer's willingness to pay.

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...and solve most pressing problems using industry benchmarks

Use templates designed for swift goal attainment common to most use cases: market share growth, overstock prevention,  personalised pricing, margin enhancement. Alternatively, craft your own strategy from the ground up.

Boost sales in your B2C, B2B, B2B2B and D2C operations, and elevate customer satisfaction.

OPTIMISE for outcome

Tailor your prices. Every product, every moment

Accurately segment your customers based on historical data, offer personalised deals and discounts, and leverage the power of AI to predict their purchasing patterns.

Organise your price lists for swift recalculations across customer segments, product groups, and regions.

Maximise value by suggesting the optimal product mix and price for every deal or customer.

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Optimise your revenue in real-time

Enable automated prices updates based on various pre-set triggers (e.g. cost changes, competitive moves, inflation rate dynamics, etc.).

Accelerate your business adaptability by excluding human-related errors and automating price approval workflows.

Why choose Aimondo

Ai-Price Management & Optimisation Solution by Aimondo offers advanced enterprise-level capabilities at a fraction of the price

Other solutions

Mandatory multi-year contracts with less flexibility

Additional fees for customisation

Standard package pricing, including unused features

Package deals that lead to a possible overpayment

Lengthy integrations that might take up to 16-20 weeks (plus 2 more weeks for unit tests).


We work with your changing needs and adapt to your financial limits

Free customisation to your specific needs

You only pay for the features you use; no unnecessary costs

No pre-built solutions; everything is tailored to your requirements

Agile sprint-based working in project teams allows us to complete projects in 4-10 weeks.

Unlock your growth with Ai-Price Management & Optimisation — the best in class pricing platform


  • Unlimited data streams integration (historical data, market data, your competitors data, weather forecasts etc.)
  • Data pre-processing (cleaning, standartizing)
  • Custom integration with any ERP/CRM solution or full access to cloud


  • Ai-driven Data analysis (clustering, multiple linear regressions, etc.)
  • Predictive analytics (customer behaviour forecasts, optimal product mix or optimal price suggestions)
  • Data and insights visualisation (custom dashboards)
  • Transaction and rule-based customer segmentation and product categorisation for more accurate pricing


  • Role and access management
  • Up to 100 team seats
  • Customisable price change approval process
  • Up to 40 user stories

Customer Service

  • Custom onboarding and walk-through for the whole team
  • Monthly product feedback session
  • Dedicated Customer Success manager
  • Quarterly or annual payment plans

Price Management

  • Price list management (product groups, locations, scenarios, customer tiers etc.)
  • Automated price optimisation based on  business goals
  • One-click pricing elements optimisation
  • Recommended price corridors
  • Discounts at different customer, product or regional hierarchies. Volume discount, advance payment discount, etc. calculations
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