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Measure Price Elasticity. Forecast demand. Adjust your prices. Take ultimate control of your sales velocity with the power of AI-driven predictive analytics software.

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Multiple market leaders have experienced the benefits of Aimondo Predictive Analytics Solutions. It's your turn to lead digital transformation today.

Powerful insights, maximum profits: how Aimondo empowers pricing teams

Our clients get incredible results due to the combination of deep science, high-performance advisory and unique digital capabilities of Aimondo

Revenue increase

Our customers experience amazing up to 38% increase in revenue after using Aimondo Predictive Analytics software for just 6 months.


Operational efficiency

Aimondo customers report up to 21% growth of operational profit while using our advanced pricing analytics solutions that help accurately predict and estimate price elasticity threshold.

Competitive positioning

79% of our clients report significant improvement in understanding of market dynamics and competitive positioning, as well as more efficient inventory management and reduced stock discrepancies.

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Single source of truth for your multiple data streams

100% connectivity

Aimondo Predictive Analytics solution can be integrated with any CRM or EPP system and seamlessly process data from multiple streams and in various formats: from market intelligence to our customer's historical data on sales and consumer behaviour. You can upload and analyse anything today instead of waiting for weeks while your tech team builds necessary integrations.

100% accuracy

Supercharge your decision-making with our advanced predictive analytics solution.
Harness the unparalleled power of our proprietary market intelligence platform, boasting a track record of 100% accuracy in collecting and analysing shelf price data, to build precise predictions and drive exceptional business outcomes with confidence and efficiency.

100% scalability

Unlock the potential of unlimited scalability. Our Predictive Analytics solution can be scaled from analysing 100 items with limited data sets to millions of items with hundreds of conditions within minutes. It is perfect for a Proof of concept projects as well as for rolling out the best practices across the enterprise. No matter the size,, Aimondo it delivers rapid insights in minutes.

High-Performing Predictive Analytics Software To Support Your Sales Across European & Global Markets

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Use real-time market data from cross-border trade to build more precise demand and sales forecasts and optimise prices dynamically

Analyse price elasticity. Forecast demand. Adjust your prices. Take ultimate control of your sales velocity.

Price elasticity analysis

Utilise Aimondo pricing analytics to harness historical sales records, real-time market insights, and external data such as inflation rates, ensuring accurate price elasticity calculation on a product, category or brand level.

Accurate demand forecats

Use predictive analytics enhance the accuracy of your demand predictions and refined sales forecasts.

Promotions analytics

Delve deeply into your price structures and critically assess promotional effectiveness. Understand the interplay between pricing and promotions to make more informed decisions, maximising return on investment into your marketing activities.

Price optimisation

Align your pricing with your business strategy. Dynamically optimise prices  based on your business goals, stock availability and price elasticity of demand estimation results.

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AL Compressors

With the help of this advanced predictive analytics solution, we achieved remarkable results. It enabled us to build precise demand forecasts and accurately validate our product's price elasticity threshold, leading to optimised pricing strategies and substantial revenue growth.

Why choose Aimondo

If you're looking for a reliable pricing analytics solution to fuel your data-driven growth Aimondo is the best possible choice.

Other solutions

Complex and lengthy setup, in-house tech team is needed for every change

Demands skilled professionals

Can handle limited data sets (internal data, historical data)

Limited number of features, or advanced capabilities at a hefty price tag

Strong data and price management modules, but not so granular data and predictive analytics part

Not eager to use dedicated servers to store customers' data.

As soon as you signed the contract, you can wait for weeks for your ticket to be dealt with


Easy-to-implement cloud solution with unlimited tolerance to change

Can be used by anyone without data analysis skills

Can handle internal and any external data of your choice (for ex., weather forecasts)

Advanced capabilities (Price Gap Analysis, Price Elasticity Calculation, Predictive Price Analytics, Promotions analytics, reporting and visualisation, and many more — at an affordable price

Fully GDPR-compliant encrypted data storage on dedicated servers.

As soon as you sign the contract, a dedicated Customer Success manager is assigned to you

Let us fuel your long-term profit growth. Let’s start today

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Frequently asked questions

why do I need predictive analytics software if I already have BI?

While BI tools offer valuable historical data insights, predictive analytics tools go further, leveraging past trends and real-time variables to forecast future outcomes (like inflation rates, weather data etc.), ensuring e-commerce businesses stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.

why do I need to estimate price elasticity of demand`?

Analysing price elasticity of demand is crucial to understand how price changes impact sales volumes. It reveals consumers' sensitivity to price fluctuations, allowing businesses to set optimal prices, maximise revenues, and make informed decisions. Without this insight, businesses risk mispricing, which can lead to reduced profits or lost market share. It's essential for strategic pricing and profitability.

what is the connection between elasticity of demand and pricing?

Price elasticity measures how demand varies with price changes. Understanding this connection is pivotal for effective pricing strategies. If demand is elastic, small price changes can significantly impact sales volumes. Conversely, inelastic demand means sales are less sensitive to price fluctuations. By grasping this relationship, businesses can determine the most profitable price points, ensuring optimal revenue without alienating customers.

I have more questions.

We're here to help! If you have more questions or would like to discuss your specific needs, our sales team is ready to assist you. Book a conversation with us today and let's find the best pricing solutions for your business goals.