Aimondo helps you to earn more from every item you sell

We are a leading provider of Pricing Solutions, Pricing Advisory & Predictive Analytics tailored for the retail and distribution industries.

Aimondo team doing pricing consultancy

Transforming the way you handle pricing

Aimondo solutions help retailers and manufactures increase revenue by 38% and cut down inventory holding costs by 50%.


Aimondo enables customers all over Europe to earn more from every item they sell.

White-glove Approach

Aimondo offers a white-glove service to every customer that starts from deep analysis of customer needs and ends with 24/7 product support.

Innovation awards

Aimondo has been nominated as the most innovative European company for 3 years. But we value customer reviews. Not the awards.


Pricing professionals, CFOs and Directors of Ecommerce praise Aimondo for helping them achieve incredible business results in less than 6 months.


We got incredible support with monitoring our brand presence across multiple sales channels and locations.


Aimondo helped us connect our inventory management goals with the pricing workflows. As a result, we experienced immediate increase in operational efficiency of online sales

Toyo Tyres

Efficient and beneficial partnership. Accurate and clean market data, fast processing, useful reports we use to make data-driven decisions


We were looking for accurate market intelligence data provider that would know our industry vertical for years. Excited we managed to find one


Aimondo helped us efficiently monitor our brand's online presence and keep the reputation associated with the certain pricing category intact


Price Monitoring and Repricing are essential for any fast-growing eCommerce company operating in a highly-competitive environment now. It is a must-have tool


Remarkable attention to detail and thoroughness in their approach. Highly impressed with Aimondo's in-depth understanding of business and aspects that are truly important


Aimondo Pricing Service always provides us fresh and accurate data on competitors' prices. We have been using the product for more than a year, and can't recommend it enough.

The Mall

Aimondo team is very helpful and accommodating. Always a pleasure to work with them and receive a white-glove treatment


Thanks to Aimondo, we've gained a competitive edge and boosted our profitability within several months of using their services

Trusted by Users, Celebrated by Experts

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Our journey of innovation and insights


Aimondo's Founder Heinrich Mueller being a Head of Data Management & Digital Business Development, EMEA at Zoro, an American tools and equipment manufacturing company, decides to build a tool that would help Zoro get better pricing data for their eCommerce business.


Heinrich’s tool becomes so popular that other companies approach him with a request to develop something similar for them.


Aimondo becomes a reality and starts winning European innovators awards. First big and respectable customers.


Aimondo starts serving customer all across Europe and in the UK. Getting more insights into customer requirements and improving the service.


Aimondo launches an Ai-powered predictive analytics and price optimisation platform that becomes a part of Ai-Data & Intelligence, Ai-Price Management and Ai-Pricing Platform 360 Solutions


Aimondo won a Silver Medal as the best eCommerce Support Solution in the esteemed eCommerce Awards (UK). Amid a remarkable lineup of quality entrants, our distinction was fairly earned.

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