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Over 160 customers have already experienced the benefits of Aimondo advanced real-time pricing system

Real-Time, Real Profit

How Aimondo Real-Time Pricing & Price Management Platform empowers businesses to achieve their goals with ease

Revenue increase

Our customers experience an amazing up to 38% increase in revenue after using Aimondo AI-powered dynamic pricing software for just 6 months.


Accelerated  expansion

Our customers report up to 15% faster market share expansion while using real-time pricing powered by Aimondo platform.

Less stock mismatch

Our clients report significant improvement in understanding of market dynamics and competitive positioning, as well as more efficient inventory management and stock discrepancies reduced by 26%. How does this happen? We use advanced data analytics to help our customers accurately calculate price elasticity to optimise prices at every single point of time.

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progressive discounting dynamic pricing
access advanced strategies

Use the most efficient dynamic pricing strategies templates

Get access to strategies that proved to be the most efficient for your vertical. Use Temporal dynamic pricing, Sell-off (aimed at controlled stock exit), Progressive Discounting pricing or simple Price Match (always match your prices to the Price Leaders). All in real time mode.

grow you market share

Stay competitive by using Price Match strategy

Many customers do online research before making a purchase. Offer price matching guarantees to draw in customers who might otherwise buy from a competitor.

Price matching strategy match the price leader
reprice to 27
go profit-first

Enhance profit margins and improve revenue by 38%

Use automations to adjust your prices in real time. Elevate prices to capitalise when competitors face stock-outs and judiciously reduce them to boost sales volume when needed.

Real-time data for real-time pricing

Any platform. Any website

Unlike other solutions, Aimondo offers unparalleled coverage across all European and British marketplaces, websites, and resources (Amazon, onBuy, B&Q, ASOS, Idealo, eBay and many more). We effortlessly track any data source, including Google Shopping, without limits or extra credit usage. In other words, we provide you 360-degree view 24/7. Therefore, your pricing decisions will be based on the most comprehensive data available.

Every product. Better accuracy

We take immense pride in our data accuracy. While other dynamic pricing solutions rely on a single parameter for matching products while doing market analysis, Aimondo goes above and beyond. Our deep semantic analysis matches at least four data points, ensuring precise tracking. We are able to compare your prices correctly to competitors even when they assign a wrong EAN to the products, or when EAN is missing.

Warp speed. Unlimited scale

Experience unlimited scalability and warp speed with our dynamic pricing engine that has received numerous awards as the fastest in Europe. Dynamically price any number of your items based on the most accurate and comprehensive market data, maximising revenue or sales in real-time and discovering hidden opportunities across every channel, every time of the day, for specific products, brands or categories.

High-Performing Price Management Platform To Fuel Your Growth Across European & Global Markets

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Leverage our most accurate and fast dynamic pricing engine to supercharge your market share expansion and boost revenue numbers

Stay in control of your pricing strategy. Turn your prices from a burden into a valuable tool to achieve your business goals


Gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of your market. How many sellers are you competing against? Who truly stands as your competition? What is your market position at the brand, product, and category levels? Are there opportunities for rapid growth, perhaps some low-hanging fruit?


Align your pricing with your business strategy. Do you aim to be perceived as a Price Leader in a specific category or for a particular product? Do you wish to employ a Price Match strategy, ensuring that your prices neither exceed nor undercut, but match those of your competitors? Which approach aligns with your brand positioning and will help you achieve your objectives more swiftly? Our solution simplifies this decision, making it both easy and data-driven.


Aimondo's AI-powered pricing solution enables you to automatically implement pricing strategies that align with your objectives in real time. Optimise your prices based on your sales velocity targets and stock exit deadlines. Capitalise on opportunities when your competitors are out of stock to enhance your profit margin. Adjust your prices for products that gain popularity based on consumer reviews.

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Why choose Aimondo

If you're looking for the best price management solution to support your growth strategy, market expansion and make data-driven decision — Aimondo is the best possible choice.

Other solutions

Complex and lengthy setup, in-house tech team is needed

Demands skilled professionals

Limited number of pricing strategies (usually, margin optimisation)

Limited number of data streams used to calculate optimal price (usually, market data)

Time gaps between data collected and adjustments implemented

Pricing algorithms are applied not more than once a day


Easy-to-implement solution, out tech team will do all the work

Can be used by anyone without tech skills

Any dynamic pricing strategy you might think of, including temporal or personalised pricing

Any number of data streams to calculate optimal price (including weather forecasts)

No time gaps between data collected and adjustment implemented

Pricing algorithms can be applied as frequently as every hour

Looking beyond features?

Seeking an all-encompassing solution? Explore what we offer with Ai-Price Management & Optimisation Solution

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Unlock built-in profitability and boost your business growth with our advanced AI-powered Pricing Software

Use Market Intelligence

Unlike simple rule-based pricing, Aimondo Price Management solution leverages our unlimited access to market intelligence. Aimondo tracks unlimited number of products within any website (including marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, IDEALO and others) and updates prices as often as every hour.

Use Internal Conditions

Aimondo's Pricing Management Solution empowers you to seamlessly integrate market intelligence with your company's distinct internal parameters, such as charm pricing rules, growth milestones, seasonal discounts, distributor agreements, stock levels, and more, ensuring truly strategic and effective pricing.

Use Historical Data

Harness historical data to forecast demand trends, assess price elasticity, and consistently present the optimal deal captivating consumers. Leverage our advanced algorithms to supercharge your growth. All pricing adjustments are dynamically implemented in real time for immediate market responsiveness.

Let us fuel your long-term profit growth. Let’s start today

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Frequently asked questions

What is dynamic pricing?

Dynamic pricing is a pricing strategy in which the price of a product is fluid and can change in response to market demands, competitor prices, and other external factors (like inflation rate) in real-time. It leverages data analytics and real-time pricing algorithms to optimise prices for maximum profitability or faster sales, based on current market conditions and your business goal.

I’m already using Dynamic pricing software. How can I switch?

While you may be using a pricing solution, switching to Aimondo offers unparalleled benefits. Our solution ensures the highest quality data with 100% match accuracy. Our lightning-fast repricing engine dynamically adjusts prices 2-6 times a day, regardless of your inventory size.

Speak to our sales team to learn about our special offer for data migrations.

How long does it take to implement fully integrated dynamic pricing?

Implementing 100% automated dynamic pricing typically takes from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on your specific requirements. Our experienced team operates in 2-week sprints, enabling us to fast-track the implementation process. We ensure a seamless transition and provide ongoing support to maximise the benefits of dynamic pricing for your business.

However, if you're not up to 100% automation you can start benefiting from our solution today, no tech skill needed. Just put a list of websites and products you want to track, download a spreadsheet with recommended prices and update your systems manually.

I have more questions.

We're here to help! If you have more questions or would like to discuss your specific needs, our sales team is ready to assist you. Book a conversation with us today and let's find the best solutions for your pricing challenges.

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Michael Frank


Our profit margin increased by 5% after implementing Aimondo's pricing solution. The ability to adapt prices in real-time to market conditions proved invaluable, allowing us to optimise profitability and achieve significant growth.