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Aimondo pricing tool for construction materials sellers

Revenue Boost

By leveraging Aimondo Pricing solution for construction materials and tools sellers, businesses have experienced a remarkable revenue boost of up to 38%, transforming their pricing strategies into powerful growth engines.


Improve profitability

Other companies who used Aimondo Pricing for 6 months have reported a significant (up to 12%) increase in profit margin. They won by staying more agile and competitive and reacting proactively to market trends.


Cut inventory costs

Utilising our Pricing solution, 4 out of 5 companies in DIY and construction segment experienced a 52% decrease in inventory holding costs. Our platform transformed their inventory management,  stock turnover and maximised returns.

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Tailored Features for the Construction Material and Tools Merchants

Get a 360-degree market view

Competitor Price Tracking & Dynamic Pricing Algorithms

Ability to monitor competitor prices and adjust your pricing strategy accordingly, ensuring you stay competitive in both B2B and B2C markets.
Algorithms that adjust prices in real-time based on market trends, demand fluctuations, and inventory levels, ensuring competitiveness and profitability in both B2B and B2C markets.

generate custom reports

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive reporting tools to analyze pricing performance, customer buying trends, and market movements.
Customer segmentation tools to differentiate pricing strategies for different customer groups in B2B and B2C.

B2B pricing dashboard
supercharge your sales

Bulk Order Pricing & Customised Pricing for B2B Clients

Special pricing models for bulk orders, catering to B2B clients who typically place larger orders than B2C customers.
Ability to set custom price points for different B2B clients based on their purchase history, order size, and negotiation.

Come up with more relevant quotes and manage teams

price clusters

Let your sales teams come up with the most optimal quotes

Leverage AI to segment your customers and equip your sales teams with a powerful tool that would craft custom quotes based on customer-specific pricing agreements, predicted life-time value and probability of purchase.

Notify relevant team members when their input is needed

Add organisational structure and assign access levels and price management roles for your team members. Automate price change approval process and lead the digital transformation in your company with ease.

Why choose Aimondo

Pricing Tool for construction, tools and DIY vertical by Aimondo offers advanced enterprise-level capabilities at a fraction of the price

Other solutions

Annual to 3 years commitments

High setup and monthly payment fees

All-size-fits-all approach, no features that fit eCommerce and Retail customers

Lengthy integrations that might take up to 16-20 weeks (plus 2 more weeks for unit tests)

As soon as implementation is over, any changes are painful and long

After signing the contract, many find it challenging to get their issues addressed — customer support seems unresponsive and tickets often go unresolved.


Flexible payment plans are available, no long-term commitment is obligatory

Affordable setup and monthly fees

Solution that was developed specifically for Retail and eCommerce companies

Agile sprint-based work in project teams allows us to complete projects in 4-10 weeks

Aimondo Pricing Software is 100% flexible. Implementing changes at any stage is easy and doesn't require your tech team contribution

After signing the contract, you'll receive a dedicated Customer Success Manager available 24/7 to address your requests.

Seamlessly integrate with  tech stack you use

Sync your major business management tool with your price optimisation activities. Aimondo integrates easily with any ERP system.


Pricing professionals, CFOs and Directors of Ecommerce praise Aimondo for helping them achieve incredible business results in less than 6 months.


We got incredible support with monitoring our brand presence across multiple sales channels and locations.


Aimondo helped us connect our inventory management goals with the pricing workflows. As a result, we experienced immediate increase in operational efficiency of online sales

Toyo Tyres

Efficient and beneficial partnership. Accurate and clean market data, fast processing, useful reports we use to make data-driven decisions


We were looking for accurate market intelligence data provider that would know our industry vertical for years. Excited we managed to find one


Aimondo helped us efficiently monitor our brand's online presence and keep the reputation associated with the certain pricing category intact


Aimondo Pricing Service always provides us fresh and accurate data on competitors' prices. We have been using the product for more than a year, and can't recommend it enough.


Price Monitoring and Repricing are essential for any fast-growing eCommerce company operating in a highly-competitive environment now. It is a must-have tool


Remarkable attention to detail and thoroughness in their approach. Highly impressed with Aimondo's in-depth understanding of business and aspects that are truly important


Thanks to Aimondo, we've gained a competitive edge and boosted our profitability within several months of using their services

The Mall

Aimondo team is very helpful and accommodating. Always a pleasure to work with them and receive a white-glove treatment

Let us fuel your long-term profit growth. Let’s start today

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Frequently asked questions

How much would you charge me for tracing prices for 1500 items?

Our pricing is usage-based, ensuring fairness for businesses of all sizes. For tracing prices on 1500 items, we offer flexible and affordable plans tailored to your specific needs. Let's discuss the details and find the best solution for your business.

I’m already using pricing solution. Why do I need to switch?

While you may be using a pricing solution, switching to Aimondo offers unparalleled benefits. Our solution ensures the highest quality data with 100% match accuracy. Our lightning-fast repricing engine dynamically adjusts prices 2-6 times a day, regardless of your inventory size.

Speak to our sales team to learn about our special offer for data migrations.

How is Aimondo's pricing solution uniquely adapted to the requirements of construction materials and tools sellers?

With years of experience working with Tools and construction materials sellers, we understand every pain point of companies selling to the trade and the public. We provide services ranging from price monitoring and alerts for smaller sellers to advanced price management and optimisation tools for larger companies. These tools analyze your historical data and offer the best possible price based on your inventory level, market conditions, and customer expectation trends.

Can I just use Aimondo's market intelligence data?

Yes, that's entirely possible! You can utilise Aimondo's market intelligence data without any need for integration. You'll have the ability to download insightful reports directly from your dashboard in both Excel and CSV formats, simplifying your market analysis process.

I have more questions.

We're here to help! If you have more questions or would like to discuss your specific needs, our sales team is ready to assist you. Book a conversation with us today and let's find the best solutions for your pricing challenges.