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Dedicated Real-Time Pricing Intelligence for Gym Equipment Sellers. Monitor, Manage, and Master Your Pricing with Precision.

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How Aimondo Pricing Solution empowers Marketing and Sales Teams

Better pricing intelligence. Focused Clarity. Improved business results


Controlled Stock Exit

Our solution adjusts your pricing in real-time, helping clear inventory efficiently while optimising your revenue on every sale. Four out of five clients who use Aimondo Pricing Solution experience a 6% increase in profit margin and report higher control over sales velocity.


Better Bottom Line

With our unparalleled Google Shopping insights and multi-platform monitoring, you'll always have the competitive edge, ensuring you never miss a beat in the fast-paced fitness market. Our clients enjoy a 28% boost in revenue in less than 3 months.


Seamless Sales Cycle

Selling to the trade? From the first quote to the final sale, our automated pricing processes are tailored to your business needs, reducing manual effort and enhancing accuracy. Reported increased efficiency is 69% after using our solution within 6 months.

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Quotation Automation

Empower your sales team with a tool to close deals faster

Streamline your B2B sales with our automated quoting system. Customised to factor in your clients' order history, geographical location, product category, and a calculated repurchase probability, quoting has never been this easy, or this effective. Use pre-set pricing parameters, pricing corridors and secure price approval processes.

Competitive price monitoring

Get 24/7 access to your competitors' prices

Unlock exclusive access to real-time price tracking across Google Shopping – a unique service only we offer! Plus, stay ahead of the game with comprehensive monitoring on Amazon, eBay, and key competitor websites.

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Dynamic Price Management

Optimise your pricing for higher profit

Harness the power of our dynamic pricing to adjust your prices smartly based on current inventory levels and live market conditions (your competitors' product reviews, return fees and many more). Our intelligent algorithms ensure you hit the sweet spot between competitiveness and profitability.

Why choose Aimondo

Aimondo Pricing Solution is not just another price monitoring tool. It's a revenue fuelling machine that allows you to monitor, manage, and master your pricing with precision.

Other solutions

Low quality data + affordable price. Or better data but hard limits on the usage

You see only the pieces of the puzzle (how  rivals price similar items), but not the big picture

Ideation over implementation. If your team doesn't act on the data, desired results will never be achieved

B2C-focused (simple monitoring) or B2B-focused (complex quoting solutions relevant for enterprise customers only).

Pre-set features make up at least 25% of the product. You have to pay for the baseline, even if you don't use them.


Top quality data, most accurate product matches, no limits on the usage

Dashboard shows you your market position dynamically and the 360-degree market view

Automated processes that reduce errors in pricing and ensure 100% alignment between your sales actions and business goals

Unparalleled pricing platform that integrates all requirements of the business selling to the trade, and to the public.

Aimondo is 100% flexible. You assemble the platform by choosing functionality that reflects your specific business's needs.

Boost Your Bottom Line & Increase Conversion Rate With Ease

Monitor & Notify

  • Get access to all your competitors' prices, product availability, shipping conditions, customer reviews and more across all European markets.
  • Generate custom reports (from once a month to every 2 hours) and set up alerts (for example, "notify me if prices on product X go below MSRP" or "notify of I'm the only seller of product Y").

Analyse & Segment

  • Use your existing customer data to perform deeper customer segmentation.
  • Build predictive report on re-purchase probability for every segment.
  • Analyse promo campaigns efficiency

Quote & Win

  • Set quote guidelines and pricing corridors for specific customer segments
  • Use market conditions data to improve your quotes and make them more competitive.

Manage & Approve

  • Set up your role and access management dashboard
  • Set up custom quotes and price adjustments approval process.
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Success stories and references

Learn how real customers have benefited from our pricing software.

5 star reviews on capterra

Returns are a major headache for every eCommerce manager. Claim our guide on successful returns management tactics and learn from the best!

70% of medium-sized companies commit this mistake. Are you one of them?

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Frequently asked questions

What is dynamic price management?

Dynamic price management is a pricing strategy in which the price of a product is fluid and can change in response to market demands, competitor prices, and other external factors (like inflation rate) in real-time. It leverages data analytics and real-time pricing algorithms to optimise prices for maximum profitability or faster sales, based on current market conditions and your business goal.

Why do I need to segment my customers?

As a gym equipment seller, you'll benefit from customer segmentation by tailoring your marketing and sales strategies to specific groups, leading to more personalised service, higher customer satisfaction, and increased sales.
Segmentation allows for targeted promotions and inventory management, aligning product offerings with customer needs and preferences.

What kind of custom alerts can I set in the monitoring module?

You can set up any custom alerts. But this is what our customers usually do. They set up alerts for competitor price changes, low stock levels at competitor outlets, and price drops for products identical to their inventory.
Also, it makes sense to track promotions or new product listings from competitors, and get notified about any sudden shifts in market demand.

I have more questions.

We're here to help! If you have more questions or would like to discuss your specific needs, our sales team is ready to assist you. Book a conversation with us today and let's find the best solutions for your pricing challenges.