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A 100% flexible pricing software  to help you refine, optimise, and command your price realm with certainty and precision

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Explore our benefits: unique pricing software for results-oriented teams

Better analytics. Focused Clarity. Improved business results


Enhanced profit margin

Aimondo Pricing Platform is a powerful tool that helps your team to align pricing with market demand and value perception. By fine-tuning price points based on insights and analysis, companies that use our solution enhance profitability by 9%, ensuring they capture maximum margins without alienating customers.


Leveraged opportunities

Companies that have used the Aimondo Pricing Solutions have recorded a decrease in lost opportunities, leading to a 30% growth in annual company revenues. By aligning the pricing process with your KPIs and annual metrics, you ensure a consistent focus, clarity in action and the ability to seize every market opportunity.


Better customer retention

Aimondo's Pricing solution is proven to drive peak efficiency in terms of enhancing customer satisfaction and significant improvement of Up-Sell, Cross-Sell and Re-purchase metrics.  Companies using our software report a 5% boost in customer retention due to better-tailored offers. This typically results in a revenue increase of 25% to 95%.

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How it works: 100% flexible pricing solution to empower your data-driven decisions


Navigate the future with precision

Accurately simulate the business impact of price changes (predictive analytics, price elasticity calculation, price forecasting) and build better demand forecasts.

Leverage powerful analytics models to create better quotes that will be more beneficial for your business and account for customer's willingness to pay.

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Automate price adjustments

Set strategically, price perfectly

Use various automated pricing strategies to get results close to perfection. Use Dynamic Pricing, Real-Time pricing, Seasonal Pricing, Event-triggered Pricing, Personalise Pricing, Goal-oriented Pricing (for example, if you set a goal to exit stock at a certain pace), geo-based pricing, or craft your own strategy that 100% fits your business needs.

manage promotions

Elevate every offer. Enhance every sale

Use market segment-based pricing, offer personalised deals and discounts, and leverage the power of AI to predict their purchasing patterns.

Utilise our pricing analytics to critically assess promotional effectiveness. Understand the interplay between pricing and promotions to make more informed decisions, maximising return on investment into your marketing activities.

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Set role-based data access

Centralize Control, Customise Workflow

Establish role-based data access, customise approval workflows, and automate strategy endorsement and deployment to achieve centralised control over your pricing.

strategy approval
optimize margin

Go from insights to elevated earnings in Retail in eCommerce

Gain insights into optimal price points and utilise advanced price elasticity calculations to maximise your profit margin. Dive deep into simulations that span individual products, entire brands, or specific categories, ensuring a comprehensive pricing strategy. Tailor your approach with precision, adjusting for market demand and competitive dynamics to stay ahead in the game

Unlock your growth with Aimondo Pricing Solution: features and services to benefit from


  • Unlimited data streams integration (historical data, market data, your competitors data, weather forecasts etc.)
  • Data pre-processing (cleaning, standartizing)
  • Custom integration with any ERP/CRM solution or full access to cloud


  • Ai-driven Data analysis (clustering, multiple linear regressions, etc.)
  • Predictive analytics (customer behaviour forecasts, optimal product mix or optimal price suggestions)
  • Data and insights visualisation (custom dashboards)
  • Transaction and rule-based customer segmentation and product categorisation


  • Role and access management
  • Up to 100 team seats
  • Customisable price change approval process
  • Up to 40 user stories

Customer Service

  • Custom onboarding and walk-through for the whole team
  • Monthly product feedback session
  • Dedicated Customer Success manager
  • Quarterly or annual payment plans

Tools & Features

  • Automated price adjustments based on your selected pricing strategy
  • Price optimisation based on your business goals and price elasticity calculations
  • Promotional Pricing
  • Real-Time Pricing
  • Personalised Pricing
  • Discounts Management
  • Price Matching Algorithm
  • Bundle Pricing Tool
  • Price list management
  • Recommended price corridors
  • Volume Pricing & Volume Discount Pricing
  • Tiered pricing structures
  • Segment-based pricing
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Why choose Aimondo

Looking for a reliable pricing tool to fuel your data-driven growth and navigate future with clarity? Aimondo is the best possible choice.

Other solutions

Complex and lengthy setup, in-house tech team is needed for every change

20-30% predefined features, customising the remaining 70% requires extensive additional development

Demands skilled professionals and data analysts with coding skills

Can handle limited data sets (internal data, historical data)

Limited number of features, or advanced capabilities at a hefty price tag

Not eager to use dedicated servers to store customers' data.

Annual or 3 years long annual commitment

As soon as you sign the contract, you're on your own. It takes ages to get Customer support to answer your requests


Easy-to-implement cloud solution with unlimited tolerance to change

Fully flexible setup that requires minimum effort and time to achieve 100% customisation

Can be used by anyone with minimum data analysis skills

Can handle internal and any external data of your choice (for ex., weather forecasts)

Advanced capabilities (Price Gap Analysis, Price Elasticity Calculation, Predictive Price Analytics, Automated Pricing Adjustments, reporting and visualisation, and many more — at an affordable price

Fully GDPR-compliant encrypted data storage on dedicated servers.

Flexible payment plans

Dedicated Customer Success manager you can reach 24/7

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Michael Frank


Our profit margin increased by 5% after implementing Aimondo's pricing solution. The ability to adapt prices in real-time to market conditions proved invaluable, allowing us to optimise profitability and achieve significant growth.

Success stories and references

Learn how real customers have benefited from our pricing software.

5 star reviews on capterra

It all started when in 2012 top management of a well-known American retailer J.C. Penney came up with a “brilliant idea”.

Aimondo measured the exact impact dynamic pricing might have on operational profit for retailers and eComm brands. In this study we cover the experiment setup and how we managed to get a 21% boost in profitability.

Let us fuel your long-term profit growth. Let’s start today

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