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Unique pricing advisory team with profound hands-on expertise in shaping pricing frameworks for Retail, eCommerce, Travel, and Manufacturing industries to help you achieve your business goals faster.

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Powerful insights, maximum profits

Our clients get incredible results due to the combination of deep science, high-performance advisory and unique digital capabilities of Aimondo Price Optimisation Software

Better Sales Cycle

Our clients report a 48% improvement in sales cycles. Their sales teams now have easy-to-use, transparent frameworks for quoting various customer types, viewing recommended price corridors, and applying customer-specific pricing agreement limits.


Improved Discounting Effectiveness

Our clients have seen discounting efficiency rise by up to 26%. Frameworks provided by Aimondo enable them to manage discounts across different customer, product, or regional hierarchies and calculate volume discounts, advance payment discounts, and more with a single click.

Faster Pricing Best Practices Adoption

Utilising our pricing advisory service accelerates the adoption of Pricing Best Practices for our clients. Unlike others, we employ an agile, sprint-based approach, ensuring swift, iterative progress towards optimal pricing strategies. Our clients report that, thanks to Aimondo, they have been able to implement industry best practices 39% more effectively than prior to engaging with us on a project.

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Why choose Aimondo

The answer is simple. Aimondo offers you knowledge and hands-on experience. On your terms

Other solutions

Include pricing advisory in annual or 3-year commitment contracts, raising costs for the customer

Analyse and pinpoint bottlenecks but fall short in removing them

Identify value opportunities but can't automate their capture

Are process-first, prioritising lengthy documentations on suggested policies

Project teams often specialise in just one or two areas.


Offers Pricing Advisory as an optional add-on, potentially reducing contract costs

Analyses, identifies bottlenecks, and provides tools for their elimination

Finds value opportunities and automates their capture

Is result-first, focusing on actionable, tailored pricing strategies

Features diverse project teams with roles such as Senior Advisor, Data Architect, Digital Transformation Leads, and more.

Don't settle. Utilise our hands-on experience in digital transformation across numerous industry sectors to achieve your pricing excellence

Fixed Leakages

Our advisors have experience in industries ranging from fashion retail to banking and travel. They pinpoint exactly where your company might be bleeding money and identify bottlenecks detrimental to your specific pricing processes.

Unlocked Value Opportunities

Boasting 5-25 years of experience, our advisors can recognise value opportunities unique to your business and chart a direct route to fully automated capture.

Measured Success

Each Aimondo Pricing Advisory project is assigned a dedicated Performance Monitoring Manager to meticulously oversee your digital transformation project's implementation and diligently assist with customised efficiency reports

Easy to track. Easy to measure.
How Aimondo's Pricing Advisory Service Operates

Set Project Objectives

Schedule a meeting to define your project objectives and scope. Whether you need comprehensive guidance in outlining a new pricing strategy, assistance in building data architecture, or insights into industry best practices and what your competitors are doing, we've got you covered.

Choose Your Project Team

Our project teams encompass various roles tailored to your needs. Opt for any combination of Senior Pricing Advisor, Data Analyst, Senior Software Engineer, Software Engineer, Integrations Specialist, Data Architect, Digital Transformation Lead, Product Adoption Specialist, and Performance Monitoring Manager.

Track Efficiency

Each Aimondo Pricing Advisory project is assigned a Performance Monitoring Manager to oversee your digital transformation project's implementation and assist with customised efficiency reports. This dedicated manager ensures that your transition is smooth, addressing any potential roadblocks or issues in real-time. Their goal is not just to monitor, but to guarantee that the new strategies integrate seamlessly with your business operations, optimizing results and maximizing ROI

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