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Hundreds of customers have already achieved better business results using Aimondo's competitor price tracking software

Price Mastery Begins Here

4 out of 5 our customers experience a 38% increase in revenue after 3 months of using the Aimondo price tracking software. What else to expect?

Higher Profit Margin

Our eCommerce customers have reported up to a 21% increase in their profit margin. This growth is facilitated by the Aimondo Price Tracker, which empowers them to monitor competitors' prices and seize hidden opportunities for price increases when competitors run out of stock


Better inventory management

Our customers have successfully reduced overstocks by 52% and achieved a more predictable sales velocity using Aimondo solutions. This allows them to offer the optimal price at any given moment based on the competitive landscape, including tracked competitors' prices

Competitive positioning

79% of our clients report significant improvement in understanding of market dynamics and competitive positioning, as well as more consistent brand message delivery .

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Unlock success with the precision of accurate price tracking

Outperform competition

Stay ahead of the competition, optimise pricing strategies, and maximise profitability with real-time insights into market trends, competitor prices, and consumer demand.

Track market dynamics

Gain a competitive edge by tracking market dynamics, identifying pricing opportunities, and making data-driven decisions to optimise revenue and achieve business success.

Seize hidden opportunities

Stay informed about competitive landscape, spot new players, seize opportunities, and accelerate sales, profitability, and sustainable growth with data-driven insights at your fingertips.

Unlock your growth with Aimondo Competitor Price Tracking Platform.
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Get access to all market data that will help you understand pricing trends and dynamics. Check market average price, highest and lowest price for every item you're selling. Find out where your company stands in terms of pricing (your current market position). See what increase/decrease is needed for your to gain higher market position and outpace the closest competitor.


Gain instant access to actionable insights on pricing discrepancies at the product, category, marketplace, or regional levels. Quickly identify less competitive pricing niches with indicators of rising demand.


Utilise Aimondo's pricing solution to prioritise brands most likely to drive 80% of your revenue and elevate you to the top of customers' consideration lists. Ensure more significant success and heightened visibility in the market.

Clear Data. Better Insights

Aimondo's Competitor Price Tracking Software provides top-tier pricing data and an advanced reporting system, all without the steep price

Data scrapping

Everything you need to know about your competition

Monitor and track all important data points on one dashboard (product price, availability, customer reviews, delivery terms and conditions, VAT, bundle pricing, etc.)

Set up your search frequency as often as every hour or as infrequently as once a week.

Get reports in your mailbox or download in Excel, CSV, PDF format

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insightful reporting

100% actionable reports and alerts

Receive reports detailing your product's market position, gaps in price and assortment, and overlap with other sellers' offerings

Receive margin optimisation suggestions whenever a price gap arises between you and your closest competitor.

Configure custom alerts to be informed when competitors go out of stock, adjust delivery times, or initiate other key trigger events

team management

Clear and manageable pricing workflows

Set up roles and accesses to automate your pricing workflow

Use best practices and templates to streamline the process of price change approvals

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Track prices cross-border. On marketplaces and websites

Any platform. Any website

Unlike other pricing solutions, Aimondo offers unparalleled coverage across  marketplaces, websites, and resources. While competitors require additional accounts for Amazon or eBay, Aimondo effortlessly tracks any data source, including Google Shopping, without limits or extra account creation. We provide you 360-degree view 24/7.

Every product. Better accuracy

We take immense pride in our data accuracy. While other price trackers rely on a single parameter for matching products while doing competitor analysis, Aimondo goes above and beyond.
Our deep semantic analysis matches at least four data points, ensuring precise tracking even if your competitor products miss EAN.

All your business goals. Achieved

Aimondo's price tracking solution empowers customers to achieve their growth goals. By providing real-time insights into market dynamics, competitor pricing data, and demand trends, businesses can make informed decisions and implement effective strategies for accelerated growth and success, revolutionising their pricing strategies.

High-Performing Competitor Price Monitoring Tool To Fuel Your Growth Across European & Global Markets

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Leverage our most accurate market intelligence system to strengthen your brand reputation and boost revenue numbers

Why choose Aimondo

if you're looking for a reliable Price Tracking solution that would allow you to make informed decisions and implement effective strategies for accelerated growth and success — Aimondo is the best possible choice.

Other solutions

Top quality data and high fees. Or inaccurate market intelligence at affordable price.

Demands skilled professionals

Can monitor prices on websites OR marketplaces

Relies on a single parameter for matching products or uses a human eye to double-check

Free trial (full access to all features) for a very limited time period. Or Freemium (life-time access to a limited version)

No market trend report, no market position reports, no margin increase opportunities reports.


100% clean data, 100% outlier detection. Without hefty price tag.

Can be used by anyone without tech skills

Can track products on any website AND marketplace, including Google Shopping

Deep semantic analysis matches at least four data points. Automated match leaves no room for errors

14 days-long free trial (access to 100% of functionality)

We instantly show you your market position and how you should change prices to sell more with higher margin.

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Alkis Sarris

Eureka Childcare Products

Aimondo competitive pricing solution helped us achieve our annual revenue growth goals in 9 months

Success stories and references

Learn how real customers have benefited from our pricing software.

5 star reviews on capterra

It all started when in 2012 top management of a well-known American retailer J.C. Penney came up with a “brilliant idea”.

Inflation, overstock, demographic changes, political uncertainty the world is facing in 2024 — they all impact the present and the future of the retail business.

Let us fuel your long-term profit growth. Let’s start today

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Frequently asked questions

What is competitor price tracking?

Competitor price tracking is a strategic tool that businesses use to monitor the pricing of similar products or services in the market by their competitors. It involves collecting and analyzing pricing data to understand market trends, pricing strategies, and the competitive landscape. This intelligence allows companies to adjust their own pricing strategies in real-time to stay competitive, optimize profits, attract price-sensitive customers, and retain market share. Effective price tracking helps businesses make informed decisions, respond to price changes swiftly, and tailor their offerings to meet consumer demand and expectations, ultimately driving sales and growth.

how to choose competitor price tracking software?

When choosing competitor price tracking software, prioritise accuracy and real-time data retrieval to stay abreast of market changes. Ensure it covers all relevant competitors and marketplaces where your products are sold. Look for advanced analytics that provide actionable insights, not just raw data. The software should offer customisable alerts, reporting tools, and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. Consider the user interface — it should be intuitive and easy to navigate.
Evaluate the level of customer support; responsive and knowledgeable support can be invaluable. Lastly, assess the pricing model to ensure it aligns with your budget and the software's value proposition to your business.

is it expensive to track competitor prices online?

The cost of tracking competitor prices online can vary widely based on the scope and scale of your tracking needs. Basic tools can be quite affordable, even free in some cases, but these may offer limited features and low quality data.
More comprehensive solutions like Aimondo, which provide extensive data across multiple competitors and markets, real-time updates, and in-depth analysis tools, will naturally cost more.
The investment is often justified by the return in terms of strategic pricing decisions, increased competitiveness, and revenue growth.

I have more questions.

We're here to help! If you have more questions or would like to discuss your specific needs, our sales team is ready to assist you. Book a conversation with us today and let's find the best solutions for your pricing challenges.