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The only Competitor Price Monitoring software that turns your rivals' moves into your winning advantage and delivers results.

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Over 160 customers have already achieved better business results using Aimondo competitor price monitoring tool

Competitor Price Monitoring: Powerful Insights, Maximum Profits  

Our clients get incredible results due to the unique digital capabilities of Aimondo's Competitor Price Monitoring

Revenue increase

4 out of 5 our customers experience amazing up to 38% increase in revenue after using Aimondo Competitor Price Monitoring tool for just 6 months. It takes 2-3 months longer for the rest to achieve the same result.


Operational efficiency

By harnessing automation in monitoring competitor prices process and leveraging high-quality, accurate and easy to use data from all available channels, Category and Pricing Managers who use Aimondo software have reported a staggering 81% surge in operational efficiency

Higher profit margin

Businesses leveraging Aimondo's Competitor Price Monitoring software are witnessing substantial enhancements in their grasp of market dynamics and competitive positioning. This comprehensive understanding, coupled with the capturing previously hidden opportunities, has culminated in a remarkable 20% increase in profit margins

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You're already in the game. Harness the power of knowing your competitors' pricing and position yourself for the decisive checkmate

Any platform. Any website

Unlike other pricing solutions, Aimondo offers unparalleled coverage across all European and British marketplaces, websites, and resources (Amazon, onBuy, B&Q, ASOS, Idealo, eBay and many more). We effortlessly track any data source, including Google Shopping, without limits or extra credit usage. In other words, we provide you 360-degree view 24/7.

Every product. Better accuracy

We take immense pride in our data accuracy. While other price comparison solutions rely on a single parameter for matching products while doing competitor analysis, Aimondo goes above and beyond.
Our deep semantic analysis matches at least 4 data points, ensuring precise tracking even without EAN data.

All your business goals. Achieved

Aimondo's competitor price monitoring solution empowers customers to achieve their growth goals. By providing real-time insights into market dynamics, competitor pricing, and demand trends, businesses can make informed decisions and implement effective strategies for accelerated growth and success.

Clear Data. Better Insights

Aimondo's Competitor Price Monitoring Software provides top-tier pricing data and an advanced reporting system, all without the steep price

Data scrapping

Everything you need to know about your competition

Monitor and track all important data points on one dashboard (product price, availability, customer reviews, delivery terms and conditions, VAT, bundle pricing, etc.)

Set up your search frequency as often as every hour or as infrequently as once a week.

Get reports in your mailbox or download in Excel, CSV, PDF format

k-means clustering for personalised pricing
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insightful reporting

100% actionable reports and alerts

Receive reports detailing your product's market position, gaps in price and assortment, and overlap with other sellers' offerings

Receive margin optimisation suggestions whenever a price gap arises between you and your closest competitor.

Configure custom alerts to be informed when competitors go out of stock, adjust delivery times, or initiate other key trigger events

team management

Clear and manageable pricing workflows

Set up roles and accesses to automate your pricing workflow

Use best practices and templates to streamline the process of price change approvals

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High-Performing Price Monitoring Tool To Fuel Your Growth Across European & Global Markets

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Leverage our most accurate market intelligence system to boost revenue numbers and capture additional margin

Stay in control of your pricing strategy. Turn your prices from a burden into a valuable tool to achieve your business goals


Gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of your market. How many sellers are you competing against? Who truly stands as your competition? What is your market position at the brand, product, and category levels? Are there opportunities for rapid growth, perhaps some low-hanging fruit?


Align your pricing with your business strategy. Do you aim to be perceived as a Price Leader in a specific category or for a particular product? Do you wish to employ a Price Match strategy, ensuring that your prices neither exceed nor undercut, but match those of your competitors? Which approach aligns with your brand positioning and will help you achieve your objectives more swiftly? Our solution simplifies this decision, making it both easy and data-driven.


Aimondo's AI-powered pricing solution enables you to automatically implement pricing strategies that align with your objectives. Optimise your prices based on your sales velocity targets and stock exit deadlines. Capitalise on opportunities when your competitors are out of stock to enhance your profit margin. Adjust your prices for products that gain popularity based on consumer reviews.

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Why choose Aimondo

The answer is simple. We aren't just another web scraper. We're a revenue-fuelling machine.

Other solutions

Low quality data + affordable price. Or better data but hard limits on the usage

You see only the pieces of the puzzle (how  rivals price similar items), but not the big picture

Ideation over implementation. If your team doesn't act on the data, desired results will never be achieved

Grounded in simple rule-based frameworks


Top quality data, most accurate product matches, no limits on the usage

Dashboard shows you your market position dynamically and the 360-degree market view

Offers precise insights that lead to actionable steps, and intensifies strategic pricing as a business process

Based on AI-powered dynamic models

Unlock success with the precision of accurate price monitoring tool

Outperform competition

Stay ahead of the competition, optimise pricing strategies, and maximise profitability with real-time insights into market trends, competitor prices, and consumer demand.

Track market dynamics

Secure a competitive advantage by vigilantly monitoring your competitors, utilising data-driven insights to optimise revenue, and driving your business towards success

Seize opportunities

Stay informed about market fluctuations, seize opportunities when your competition is out-of-stock, accelerate sales, profitability, and sustainable growth with data-driven insights.

Let us fuel your long-term profit growth. Let’s start today

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Frequently asked questions

What is competitor price monitoring

Competitor price monitoring, often termed as competitive price monitoring, is a process that allows companies (mostly, selling online) keep track of the prices of products and services offered by their direct competitors in the market. This is done to understand market dynamics, adjust one's own pricing strategy, and maintain a competitive edge.
Competitor price monitoring allows to make data-driven decision on prices, gain market share faster and send consistent message to customers via prices (depending on what pricing strategy you're using Pricing Leadership, or Price Match, or Margin optimisation, or Sales boost)

How much would you charge me for monitoring prices for 500 items?

Our pricing is usage-based, ensuring fairness for businesses of all sizes. For tracing prices on 500 items, we offer flexible and affordable plans tailored to your specific needs. Let's discuss the details and find the best solution for your business.

How to track competitor  pricing?

A pricing software intelligence tool will help you to do the analysis of your competitors. It is based on finding the best price that fits your pricing strategy. Aimondo tool gives you competitive pricing data to make it easier for you to track your competitors.

IS competitor price tracking leagal?

The short answer is yes. You can gain your competitive edge by tracking your competitors prices, and do it all legally.

What is competitive price monitoring software?

Competitive price monitoring software is a solution, usually cloud-based, that helps your get access to all your competitor prices. Aimondo competitive price monitoring service offers you outsmart your competition and implement pricing strategy that fits your business goals.