Alec Scheul, Revenue Management at Aimondo

Alec Scheul, Revenue Management at Aimondo

With years of experience in sales and revenue management, Alec makes significant contributions to Aimondo's Knowledge Hub. He covers topics related to competitive strategies, competitive pricing, and strategic approaches to revenue growth


Competitive edge
Pricing strategy

With over 18 years of experience in sales spanning various locations and verticals — including the UK, EU, and Cyprus, and industries like FinTech, Chemical, Manufacturing, and B2B SaaS — Alec is a seasoned expert. His expertise lies in building profit-first B2B pricing and quoting frameworks, as well as in crafting effective promotions and discounts.

He provides comprehensive coverage on a wide range of topics, from evaluating current pricing software in the market to sharing best practices in B2B pricing strategies. His insights are invaluable for businesses looking to optimize their pricing models and enhance their market competitiveness

Alec is also one of the contributors to Aimondo Pricing Academy free pricing certification course.

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