Our data & repricing strategy engine is the Aimondo Difference

Our data:

  • 40% more items delivered: accurate, competitive pricing data even without EANs /GTINs
  • A Infinite items in limitless categories from worldwide sources
  • Google sees our technology as human - but it’s more accurate than human searchers
  • No work for you: all we need is a quick download of your product data, and we take it from there
  • Not a simple “website scraper”; complex data derived from the amazons of your industry & comparison shopping sites to unexpected & newly emerging retail competition
  • Visual data analysis is delivered to your Dashboard, making rich insights easily accessible
  • No set up costs or effort on your end - a simple product export from your shop system or ERP... or even an easy cut ’n paste into your Aimondo Dashboard & we do the rest

Our repricing strategy engine:

  • Our advanced, proprietary repricing strategy engine delivers at 100% reliable results
  • Precise identification of your main competition, including new challengers as they arise
  • Automated, lightening-fast, smart decision making for high-volume results
  • Continuous monitoring reveals sales, discounts & price fluctuations for rapid, real-time repricing
  • Price delivered in context, including shipping costs/times, ratings & more -- holistic information for smarter retail decision making
  • Quickly & easily set your parameters (40+, even psychological) to maximize margins & acquire new customers
  • Easy-to-use Aimondo Dashboard analytics allows users of all levels to visualize data
  • Reliable, affordable, infinitely scalable

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