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Click here to go to the Aimondo Dashboard for an overview of the minimum and optimal data requirements. A START (FREE) account is necessary to log into the Dashboard (you only need your email to register).

We only need a minimum amount of information to start a search: either one EAN/GTIN or one
brand name with a short product description. More data will improve search results. (See our full
data specification here). If you cannot or do not want to
provide certain data, simply leave the corresponding fields empty. We use all information
provided to validate our results. Empty fields are always better than wrong data.

There is none. You simply buy a package one month at a time (prepaid). The special feature: you can switch between plans (change your package) on a month-to-month basis whenever you need more or less searches.

Yes, you can always upgrade to a larger package. You'll just buy the next package, and then any leftover searches at the end of the month will be credited towards your following month’s purchase.

No, booked packages are monthly volumes with a fixed daily quota. Since we have to schedule, reserve and coordinate resources, a reduction is not possible. For the next month, however, you can always switch to a smaller monthly package. And you can always decide not to purchase any package, in which case you will be automatically reverted to our START (free) plan.

Your monthly quota is made up of 28-31 daily contingents. We must book, reserve and coordinate these quotas. This is to your advantage, as you can easily change your searches every day. Both your lists and marketplaces are always accurately and consistently analyzed; otherwise we couldn’t guarantee this flexibility

Unused daily searches can’t be transferred. We book, reserve and coordinate resources on a daily basis. This is to your advantage, as you can easily every day. Both your lists and the marketplaces are always accurately and consistently analyzed. Your booked resources are guaranteed to be available.

We have the most popular marketplaces connected and available in the preselection. At your request, we can, however, connect and analyze any other marketplace - or also any other online store. Please contact us for more information.

If there are fewer than 10 competitors for a product, the “Top10” will reflect that.

We always indicate the total number of existing competitors of a product. In principle, all competitors can be obtained and displayed when "search all" is chosen. For the sake of clarity and easy comprehension we limit the display to the top 100. If you’d like to see more than 100, please contact us.

Click here to go to
our package calculator. In just 3 steps, you will know which package is best for you. A START
(FREE) account is necessary to log into the Dashboard (you only need your email to register).

Absolutely! You even can fully automate searches and repricing for all of your articles at any time..

When requested, we supply you with your suggested ideal selling price for each of your analyzed products, maximizing your margins and improving your market position. On the basis of the parameters you’ve set (currently up to 40) and your competitor information, we calculate the ideal market price for your product(s). You decide the pricing position you want to stand in your desired marketplaces - we always comply with your minimum requirements!

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